|Indra Rinzler| Finding Purpose without Ego

Often times, mostly unknowingly, we as humans want to find “purpose” for the wrong reasons. Perhaps its so that others recognize us, our social media feeds grow in follow-ship, or we can gain more status. 

As we move through the enlightenment process it is important to recognize what it is we are after when it comes to life and why.

Today we speak with special guest Indra Rinzler. Indra’s stories and experiences will delight all audiences. The wisdom he shares will open the audience to learning about themselves, their life’s journey and their relationship with Gaia Earth. There are a variety of subjects that he can share so a conversation may easily cover many differing points of views through his 50+ years of his spiritual journey and enlightenment. 

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|Indra Rinzler| Finding Purpose without Ego

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