Your life is crafted and manipulated by others...

That statement above sounds scary and is met with great resistance by many, but it is unfortunately true in most cases.

It is often family, education, society, as well as other hierarchical organizations that tell us how to think, act, learn, and live. It is through these belief systems from these external structures in which we allow our lives to be lived. This leads to disempowerment, confusion, and ultimately unhappiness.

The time has come for only you to decide your life – through your lenses and not those of others. Ungraduate and drop out of the thought patterns and outdated belief systems from society that have been holding you back. Learn to live a life of true purpose, happiness, and success on your terms, and not of others.

The life you want to lead and live isn’t actually in your hands – it’s all in your head!



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See what others are saying

Kent Sanders

Ken’s excellent book is a helpful corrective to the fixed-mindset thinking that pervades society today. You will learn to break out of old thought patterns and stop accepting what everyone else tells you …

Robert Snow

This book will help change your old limiting beliefs about yourself and life, and bring you peace and understanding that has no boundaries. I love this book.

Karen Flanary

I loved that each chapter included a “call to action” to help me get the most out of the book. It was written with a good proportion of personal stories along with research.

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