Finding Your Way - Through Your Why

Challenging Your Outdated Education & Indoctrinations to Remove Limiting Life Beliefs and Move Towards Self-Driven Learning:

  • Innovate Your Thinking
  • Illuminate Your Purpose
  • Inspire Personal Growth

Where the needs of the world and your talent cross, therein lies your vocation.


Ungraduated Living & Learning is the process of seeing life through our own eyes and individual life experiences. In this process we analyze which thoughts and belief systems have been handed down to us that may be limiting our fullest potential.

Our level of consciousness determines the outcomes that happen to us in life. There are ways to adjust this level of consciousness and live life on our terms and achieve our highest potentials.

Ungraduate From Your Old Belief System

Discover Your Life Purpose

Find Your Way – Through Your Why

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  1. Fantastic Stuff here Ken!! Looks Really great and can’t wait to dig in more this weekend! Nice Work

    • Thanks Kevin! Figuring it out as I go, working to just try and add some perspective for others at this point in time. Podcast will be next objective to generate and then some online resources that I can get here to download. Love ya brother – talk soon!

  2. Rob Snow

    This is terrific. Great idea and great formatting. Looking forward to more of this and your success, Ken. Thank you for being such a kind, forward thinking, and intelligent human being.

    • Thank you Rob – You’ve been a strong supporter from day 1 that I virtually met you. I appreciate the continued support and thank you for being here with me. I will continue to bring good content that helps generate internal thought and conversation starters. Looking forward to continuing the engagement and conversation with you.

  3. Anonymous

    I love this. Just listened to the podcasts. Very engaging. Awesome insights.

    • Appreciate the compliments on the podcast. Aiming to continue to bring even better content with interviews of some individuals that have changed their thinking, dropped pre-programmed limiting beliefs, and are now accomplishing their life purpose. Stay tuned for far more!

  4. Pam Mooneyham

    Thanks for the insight Ken. Enjoying the journey of your podcast!

    • Appreciate the kind remark Pam! So very glad you’re enjoying the podcast! I hope you continue to enjoy it and also share it with anyone that you think it may benefit. Feel free to share some thoughts and drop me a line anytime. If there is anything you’d like to hear me discuss on the show, please do let me know. Hope all is well.

  5. Karen Flanary

    Great Podcast! I love the topic and live to be my best me! Relevant and thought provoking! I can’t wait to hear more. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Paul Kirkwood

    Great content, always a different avenue to take your mind down and open up the thought process. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you Paul! You keep up the great work as well! I’m thrilled to have you on the journey here! Please feel free to chime in anytime.

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