Finding Your Way - Through Your Why

Deprogram Yourself of Limiting Life Beliefs to Find Abundance, Happiness, and Self-Empowerment:

  • Innovate Your Thinking
  • Illuminate Your Purpose
  • Inspire Personal Growth

Where the needs of the world and your talent cross, therein lies your vocation.


The desire for many in life is to “Find our Why” – our reason for being. This often results in balancing our profession, passion, mission, and vocation in a way that fulfills our purpose. This is how we bring true happiness and contentment to our lives.

We often invest time, our most precious asset, on the external material driven 10% of our lives, versus the 90% inner focus (what we control) that drives our true happiness.

Ungraduated Living is the mental deprogramming process I have personally lived. We can attain true happiness, success, fulfillment, and purpose in life. In order to do so we must challenge conventional thinking, rid ourselves of limiting beliefs, and discover the true power we each have as conscious human beings.

Much of this process begins through seeing the truth that we often hold ourselves back with beliefs passed down to us. These beliefs come from our upbringing, society, and our own mental programming.

Through approaching life in a new Ungraduated perspective, we can achieve our purpose – we can achieve “Our Why.”


“Finding Your Way, Through Your Why”

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  1. Fantastic Stuff here Ken!! Looks Really great and can’t wait to dig in more this weekend! Nice Work

    • Thanks Kevin! Figuring it out as I go, working to just try and add some perspective for others at this point in time. Podcast will be next objective to generate and then some online resources that I can get here to download. Love ya brother – talk soon!

  2. Rob Snow

    This is terrific. Great idea and great formatting. Looking forward to more of this and your success, Ken. Thank you for being such a kind, forward thinking, and intelligent human being.

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