Ungraduated living was built out of an awareness that we as humans typically allow our situations in life to program us, instead of exploring ourself and discovering our original programming.


I’m Ken

At ungraduated living we give you the opportunity to question everything. We want you to gain a better understanding of why things are the way they are. We give you a journey of experiencing understanding.

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We are not our mind or our thoughts. However, our mind and thoughts do craft our realities. We must learn to become the watchers of our mind and thoughts so that we can properly align our motivations and life purposes.


In order to fulfill our purposes in life, we must fuel our bodies with proper nutrients and activities. When we learn how to properly utilize the mind – body connection, we can listen to our body and its needs with more clarity.


As we work to improve our mind and body, the soul begins to benefit greatly. We live life with a renewed enlightenment and zest for experiences that will yield truths that our soul needs for growth and maturity.


As we feed our soul with more knowledge, truths, and experiences; the spirit connects our soul to our highest callings and helps guide us towards more of what we need in life to create overall happiness, success, and fulfillment.

Our Values

We are strengthened to strengthen

We are Inspired and strengthened.
Deliberately living life
how it was intended.

Lifetime Learners

We inspire and enable the joy of lifelong learning and personal growth that activates signifigance.

Pursue Truth

Being honest with ourselves and others breeds trust through transparency.

Thrive Through Understanding

When we appreciate the spirit of others,
we grow in strength.


Within our community, we inspire and enable the joy of lifelong learning and personal growth that activates significance in the world we live in.


In our Mastermind, we spend more focused time within a smaller group setting to really give the space and time for learning along with personal growth within an intimate and interactive space.


Live Events

Our live events will be held in unique settings that remove us from our busy lives and help us recharge, so that we can truly work collectively on developing our growth mindsets.



Tune in for quick daily insights alongside weekly interviews with successful individuals that are learning to “ungraduate” from their limiting and outdated  indoctrination systems.


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