Your Heart will Guide You

By listening to your heart, you build upon the mind, body, spirit connection. Chances are you’ve heard the phrase, “As a man thinks, so he becomes.” We’ve been discussing how important it is to become the watcher of your own movie, meaning to observe your thoughts. But what about your heart? “Feeling your heart” puts you in the best place to receive and act upon guidance for your life as well as the personal and professional goals you have within it.

Do not eat the bread of the stingy, do not desire their delicacies; for like a hair in the throat, so are they. Eat and drink they say to you; but they do not mean it

Proverbs 23: 6-7

Our universal loving consciousness that we are all connected with rewards us through our Karma and pureness of heart.

This verse from Proverbs is an interesting one to try to break down and understand. It has a lot of different allegorical and metaphorical meaning within in it. I believe much of the Bible uses metaphors and allegorical insights to teach us lessons for life.

Remembering that we are our not our thoughts, yet we do become what we think can really help us ponder and dwell upon words in this verse. The Hermetic Principle of Mentalism teaches us that “all is mind.” Meaning all in life first comes from thought. I’m sure that everyone’s heard the verse “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” It is one of the most famous lines in the king James version of the Bible in Proverbs, and follows the above mentioned quote in Proverbs.

This verse has been used in many different ways. Throughout songs, history, books, films, stories; you name it. It’s interesting when we look at the actual texts from the NRSV version of the Bible. They are warning us to be careful about people with the wrong intentions.

Giving without Expecting

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People who give with generosity first in mind is great. However we want to always have it come from the heart. The meaning of, “for like a hair in the throat, so are they,” pertains to expectation of reward. Is the intent pure of heart or is the individual “giving to get?” Does the giver come of pure heart and mind or does the individual giving expect a return? It appears we are being told to have generosity and hospitality towards others, but also having good motives coming from the heart without expectation of reciprocation.

We’ve all had this experience in our lives where someone does something great for us. They go out of their way, but there’s just something that doesn’t quite feel right about the situation. It’s important for us to do the right thing, but also think the right thing coming from a place of good intentions from the heart. That is how we find a way to genuinely help out other people and reap the rewards without expectation of universal love and universal law of giving to receive. When done properly, we simply get back more so we can continue to “give more” in life.

Our Higher Selves, The Devine Source; knows where our heart is coming from. When we come from the right place within our heart, that is how we truly get more back 10x karmically in our lives. We have to come into each situation with the right intent.

Listening to the Heart

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No wonder when it comes to Christ consciousness, so much emphasis is being placed on listening to the heart. Finding ways to not just think with the mind, but also connect it to the heart. That energetic connection between mind, heart, and then soul is the Trinity aspect of how we come together to become our best, highest selves and reap the rewards in this physical life that we are living through.

So today and in every day, be mindful of the gifts you are given throughout time. Find ways to think about how we can make a difference for others without the expectation of reciprocity and getting things back in return. That is not the right way to go about thinking about giving for others. Do it unselfishly.

It does not need to be of monetary value. It can be the simple, random acts of kindness. Holding doors, smiling at people, complementing their outfit. It’s the little things that we can do. Especially when we have the right amount of resources for ourselves and want to make a difference for others.

If we actually have the right heart intention, we’ll be rewarded for it throughout our lives. So take pause, work to frame up the right mindset that will benefit you and the people in your lives that you surround yourself with.

Listen to your heart. It will thank you – and continue to guide you respectfully down your life path towards more impact and greater good.

Your Heart will Guide You

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