What is Mental Alchemy?

 As we work to evolve ourselves into higher level conscious beings. We have the ability to make different choices. We do encounter a lot of fear around certain types of growth as it pulls us out of our comfort zones  but that is necessary for us to evolve into our highest selves. When we do, we work towards a higher galactic version of ourselves, thus improving our awareness of our interconnectedness to higher levels of consciousness within the universe.

When it comes to becoming educated as galactic beings, we begin to recognize the influence that we have over ourselves and within ourselves. While we live within our environments and can’t overcome all environmental factors that may affect us, we can begin to live a healthier lifestyle through certain choices.

Focusing on our attitudes, our diets, along with exercise helps lower our stress levels. All of these things affect the expression of our genetic potential. There are actually genes within our D.N.A. that help us build up super immunity. Then there are genes within us that we can express and activate for the complete regeneration of our whole bodies.

There is power and potential within us all that just needs tapped into. In order to really take our next evolutionary leap, we can be aware of the issues, but we shouldn’t have fear in the technologies that contain these possible improvements. What we can begin to learn is that we are not victims to outer circumstances.

The power to change our lives is truly within us. We just have to figure out how to tap into it. Reclaiming ancient wisdom, teachings, and practices is the key here. We must also bring these into our modern world and adapt them to a modern way of life. This is about valuing ourselves and using the practices consistently in our daily lives.

This is all so that we can take a bigger step into higher level potentials and push the boundaries towards achieving more of what and who we truly are as conscious aware galactic beings. This is about our evolution and progression of consciousness as a human species.

We often wander through the maze on our own and at times we will encounter pitfalls and probably even get lost on our path. But we do have guides that can help us navigate the way. A guide knows the path and can help us get to that ultimate point of true awakening. 

We have access to spirit guides or actual guides that can help us on our spiritual path. Working alongside a guide is about finding someone who knows their way through the maze and can help us navigate, but we still have to walk it ourselves as well. We still have to do the work. How we discern for ourselves what is the right path, comes down to the feeling of where and what we need for our own improvement. We have to begin to understand that truth is very much a matter of perspective.

We have to open up our hearts. We have to lean into what the higher level source of truth is. From here in our hearts, we can begin to ask what it is that we truly want? What do we really need? And this leads us to our highest potential path. One of the most important tools for awakening to our galactic potential is to activate our D.N.A. blueprints.

The central mainframe of an our D.N.A. blueprints coincides with the master cell of the pineal gland. When activating our D.N.A. blueprints, we awaken the etheric field that relates to the pineal gland. 

As we turn on the proper codes, we begin to transmit vibrational signals through the pineal gland, which then sends out those signals to the rest of the body. This is the first level of activation. It’s like turning on the mainframe or getting the engine running, so to speak.

After we begin to activate certain higher levels of our body all the other systems of then become available and accessible. This is what we call the galactic activations.

It truly is a quantum leap. All systems turn to “go.” The ancient wisdom of times past now meets this new paradigm shift. We now have the methods to work within a complete energy system, to work within our blueprints to activate these galactic potentials. However, we cannot forget that we still live in the physical and need to keep attention here as well, and not solely focused on the “non-physical.”

As we improve here in the physical world, we are constantly shedding old cells and generating new ones. Within about seven years from now, most of our body will be entirely new. So when we turn on the codes to more of our D.N.A. potential, we start a process of new instructions being sent out to all the cells in our body.

This is why “the present moment” is so important. Everyday, we’re generating new cells by the decisions and actions we take that create our future self seven years from now. If you don’t like where you are now, you can change that by changing your genetic programming. We do this every day by thinking right and digesting good information, eating right, and making all the choices that lead us towards being a higher level of consciousness and thus a better physical version of ourselves as well. 

As the cells renew over time, the codes get integrated more and more. Our body literally has this alchemical factory within it. True alchemy is the process of activating the “Adam Cadman,” the perfected human. It is our highest version of ourself, the rainbow body, the galactic body that has become fully awakened.

It is both a spiritual and physical process. Alchemy is not about one or the other. True alchemy is working with both the physical and the spiritual. If you try to take a purely physical approach with alchemy, then you are basically becoming like chemists in a lab trying only to find the best chemicals to use here on earth. If on the other hand, we take a purely spiritual approach, well then we aren’t doing the work we need to here on earth for what we chose to come here to learn and accomplish. 

Alchemy is about both heightening our states of consciousness and awakening more of our full potential and spirit potential, while also integrating what we need into our lives here in the physical. This is how we begin to pay more attention to Natural Law, aligning more with the flow of nature and getting into harmony with it.

Real mentally alchemy means working on awareness within the spiritual and the physical world. When we begin to balance this work within the physical and spiritual worlds, we begin taking steps that lead us closer to becoming the “god-like human.” 

“In order to find the kingdom of heaven, thou must turn within.”

What are your thoughts on this? What is “the work” that you are doing to “bring the kingdom of heaven to you here on earth?” Would love to hear from you, or have you check out the “Ungraduated Living FaceBook Community” to engage in further conversation.

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What is Mental Alchemy?

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