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To often times in the western world our doctors rely on old practices that don’t incorporate holistic or eastern traditions. What we need more of in society is health care practitioners that understand both eastern and western philosophy with both aspects in mind when diagnosing patients. 

Today’s guest Dr. Sheila Carroll takes that exact approach when it comes to health with children.

In 20 years of clinical medicine, she has taken care of a lot of very sick children. But to an even greater extent, she saw kids with lifestyle induced problems. Poor sleep, unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy weight and frequently a lot of depression and anxiety that was keeping these kids from living in their best health. 

A child cannot be expected to change their lifestyle habits by themselves. Children need their parent’s and caregiver’s help.  And parents need help figuring out first, exactly what to do and then, how to actually do it.  

This is what she helps parents do. She helps parents know exactly what to do to improve their child’s health and teaches them the tools and skills they need to fully support their children and themselves along their journeys to better health.  

As a Pediatrician and Obesity medicine physician as well as a Certified Life and Weight Coach, Dr. Sheila Carroll helps children by empowering their parents to be the parents they truly want to be.

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|Sheila Carroll| Ancient Health in a Modern World

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