Pushing past Outdated Human Origin Beliefs

The problem with our scientists today is that when something “NEW” is discovered, they force it down the path of all their “old preconceived” learnings of discovery. And if it doesn’t “fit” it is dismissed. 

Why is this? Because it threatens the very fabric of our own existence. All “truth” follows a similar path:

  1. Deny it vigorously
  2. Ridicule and oppose all that subscribe to it
  3. Eventually, proof over times wins and it becomes “truth”

This is why we will rarely have a day in our time where some group of leaders come out and say, “yup – we were wrong, here is the truth.” There is too much for those powers that be to lose.

So we must do our own work and study, regardless of “what they say.”

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Pushing past Outdated Human Origin Beliefs

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