Poverty – The Harsh Truth


Ready for some truth? The harsh truth on poverty is that it’s a mindset that continues within the individual that broadcasts to the universe that they are wanting to stay within poverty. It’s not so much that they are “wanting it,” but rather they are unaware of their thought broadcasts to the universe. I have little doubt that anyone dealing with poverty doesn’t want to stay in such terms. However, it is their repetitive self talk or unconscious self talk and belief systems that are keeping them held within the framework of poverty.

“If someone already has something, you see, they will be given more, and they’ll have plenty. But if someone has nothing, even what they have will be taken away from them.”

Matthew 25:29

So you may wonder why would the Bible has such a harsh perspective in it from that quote above? Aren’t those who have little deserving of more? I’m all for a connected level of equality. However, we have to realize the Bible is trying to teach us that our thought processes create our realities. We have the ability to think ourself abundant or think ourselves into more lack.

It’s not only a gift, but a responsibility. Thoughts are the roots of our words and actions which produce and bear fruit or take it away in our lives. When there’s someone out there who is in a poverty situation; it might be from a monetary sense, from a love aspect of life, or other situations. It does come down to what we believe about ourselves and our potentials.

As we think, we will become

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As we think, we also become. So if you’re a constantly in a present moment thought awareness of not having enough, the universe will continue to give you that thought. Out thought energy within this universe is very literal. It is clear cut and black and white.

We have to reprogram that present moment awareness and thought process into – “I am abundance, wealthy, healthy, etc. As conscious humans, we need to look at our roles as the stewards of our minds. We need to mind and take note of our thoughts very seriously. We are creators of our realities whether we realize it or not.

If you were to meet our creator today – be it it if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, Allah, or any other religious figure; would you be proud of the life that you have manifested? Or would you be shameful? This comes into play whenever you are thinking about what we have been given and how we are taking care of it. Our body, mind, and soul. Do you take it on with that kind of seriousness? If you were confronted today from the higher power you follow and live for, what would you say about the stewardship of your decisions?

Do you take what we need and use what you have for your own pleasure or for the overall oneness wholeness of God, universal consciousness, your higher self, the Divine? The way that you live your life is truly a reflection of the way that you show your love and your oneness with all things that have been created by that one consciousness universal energy love. What mindset shifts do you require to begin living a life of more abundance?

The truth of the life you are creating

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So think about this today – Are you proud of the life that you’ve created? If you are not, what changes have to be made? None of us are perfect, but this reflection is important. If you can say that you are 90% happy with where you’re at, how do you take and continue to build upon and keep in that balance?

If you are way off – what is it that you need to do better? Self-love, self-care physical action, and physical exercise are all needed to maintain the body, mind, and soul. Awareness of this “trinity aspect” of life is essential. What items in your life need to be addressed? It comes from the understanding of the need to turn within to make those decisions and then take the appropriate action.

While I am a big believer of all things spirituality and the law of attraction, I do not believe that we can sit on our hands and think all desires into existence. There is a perspective and a part of life that “thought energy” comes into play, but it’s not just simply think and let it be.

Taking action is a part of the truth on poverty

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You have to take action, but that action starts with the internalization of where you are. You may have the knowledge, but knowledge isn’t power until acted upon. That is the harsh truth on poverty and on abundance. For those who are living poverty, the sad part is they may not know that their own mindset and worldview is what is keeping them stuck into that pattern of lack and desire.

They have to discover the thought processes that will change their outcomes. I know there are absolutely some people in the world that cannot or are unable to change their current situations. This could be due to mental disabilities or being circumstances of their environments if they live in areas of distress and turmoil. However, thankfully that is a much smaller percentage of the world when ranked against the entire masses.

So that’s some truth on either poverty or abundance. Find ways to rewire those thought processes in the present moment. Begin with some positive affirmations. Remember the positive affirmations have to begin with, “I am…” fill in the blank. Affirm them in the present moment. Not future tense as “I will be…” That telling the universe that you “will be” or “want to be” something and we don’t live in the future – we live in the now.

Don’t just simply hope and wish for it. Believe it, practice that for five minutes a day before getting out of bed or perhaps before bed. Remember that your truth in life really does come down to how you perceive your thoughts and what you believe about them within your life. Those thoughts become your realities – for better or for worse.

Poverty – The Harsh Truth

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