Removing indoctrinations, outdated education, and social programming to live a more empowering life

A show dedicated to challenging listeners to shift their mindsets into empowering lifelong learning habits while removing limiting life beliefs. I was a high school dropout that was “labeled” a failure by society but through my own unconventional approach towards life found meaning and success. I have experienced truths in life that have taught me that we do indeed manifest our own realities through our thought energy, the Law of Attraction, as well as belief systems. I aim to share these learnings and other aspects of leadership, growth, and personal development with my audience. The show contains weekly solo episodes from my own learnings and discoveries along with interview episodes of successful individuals that have ungraduated from their outdated belief systems and are finding more purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in life.

|Bradley Roth| Becoming "Not Most People" Ungraduated Living & Learning

Special guest Bradley Roth joins me for an episode for people that are allergic to groupthink, mediocrity, and following the status quo in life. In this episode we discuss the following: – breaking through societal labels and ones we place on ourselves – discovering your purpose in life and setting a plan to achieve it – defining "your why" – learning how to learn and think versus being "indoctrinated" – living a happy, healthy, and wealthy life Bradley's info: My website:  
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