Our Belief Systems Shape our Worldview

Where our minds go, our brains follow. A different way of saying it is, “where our attention goes, energy flows.” Our belief systems shape our worldview. It comes down to understanding that perspective and deciding if we need to reframe our viewpoints in order to better ourselves and our mental health.

Of what’s more, don’t let yourself be squeezed into the shape dictated by the present age instead be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can work out what God’s will is what is good, acceptable, and complete

Romans 12:2

This verse from the Bible is so powerful in the reframing of our minds as well as our own spiritual perspectives.

Many spiritual doctrines, such as the Buddhist teachings, the teachings of the Hindu faith, as well as many others have been trying to tell us for eons of time that we become what we think. While we are not our thoughts, our thoughts definitely do define our lives and our belief systems. Which then shapes every single day, very literally into our lives.

So what we have built into our minds through our own experiences and choices, shape the unique worldview. This in turn impacts our thoughts, words, and actions. It is through this filter that we analyze and dissect what life is throwing at us. We use our senses through our mental construct that to decide how we view life – for better or worse.

Once we choose to identify with our higher selves, that higher plane of consciousness, we are able to compare our world. Meaning that what we are experiencing here does not need to be how we define ourselves when we continue to elevate life consciously to higher perspectives up the human consciousness scale.

The Human Scale of Consciousness

our belief systems shape our worldview in consciousness
Dr. David Hawkins Human Scale of Consciousness

When we can get out of pride and move up into love self-love, we can then reach higher levels of enlightenment. This new, beautiful perspective on life not only adds to better experiences, but also will help you to see those experiences in a whole new light. That is what we want in terms of our response to view the world in a different way; in a truly humanistic way.

This process also aligns with higher levels of thought and consciousness so that we can act and become more like the loving Christ consciousness we are all apart of. It really is universal “love energy.” Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in doctrine or dogma. It is a pure loving consciousness. Whether we call it Jesus, God, Christ consciousness, the Divine, our Higher Selves Source, etc.

Our belief systems shape our worldview. Does your belief system need a closer look? It is negative or one of positivity? Do you believe in human kind or do you think we are all doomed?

Your thoughts and beliefs are completely yours…but please do take time to reflect on the views that are serving you and those that are not.

Our Belief Systems Shape our Worldview

2 thoughts on “Our Belief Systems Shape our Worldview

  1. Ken, that’s is some remarkable knowledge and truths there. I believe I have experienced some real transformations because of my Parkinson’s, being betrayed, and losing Lucky. I can feel the difference when I meditate now, as compared to several years ago. As I tell my self no thoughts the length of that non thought has become enough to see and feel the truths that hide behind my ego.

    1. It’s amazing Rob what can happen to our clarify of mind when we have stillness, pause, and reflect. Sometimes the things life throws at us can be used as springboards for growth. Your awareness of mind is helping you springboard forward. Thank you for sharing what you did and for following along here with us. Love ya my friend!

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