|Osnat Benari| Starting from Scratch

Change…one of the few constants in life. How do we learn to best deal with change? How can we tell when it’s time for a change? Also, how can we learn to not make change simply for the sake of change itself.

We all want to achieve our highest calling and fit into a career that is full of purpose and what we are aligned with. But when it comes to change, so many of us are fearful and resistant for varying reasons. 

That is where today’s special guest Osnat (Os) Benari comes in. 

Os has been going through more career changes than she can count.  Looking back, she is proud of her many leaps, so she felt she had a mission: to share her six-step method to “Starting from Scratch.”

Os make a living coaching “change-challenged” organizations and supporting layoff-scared employees in finding their next ideal workplace through her bestselling book “Starting From Scratch – Manage Change Like Your Career Depends On It”, coaching, and courses. 

She is also a fractional CPO and Coach. Prior to embarking on this journey she worked for Verizon, AOL, WeWork, Diligent all in Product Management leadership positions.

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|Osnat Benari| Starting from Scratch

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