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We need more entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders of the world to lead in a more “enlightened” and holistic aspect of life. What a better world we’d create with the right type of focus and leadership at the top of organizations and political spectrums! We seem often so far away from this possible reality, but enlightened individuals and thought leaders such as Michele Parade are doing their part.

Today, we focus on this message and intention – how to help our business leaders in todays world lead in a more holistic and enlightened manner.

Michele’s aim is to liberate 10,000+ entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and creatives from personal fears and social conventions, to help them carve out expanded possibilities in their lives and in the lives of millions of others that they are serving. She does so by providing bespoke coaching, healing and consulting services to assist in the execution of projects that accelerate her clients’ visibility and impact on their people and their business.

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|Michele Parad| Enlightened Leadership

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