|Michaell Magrutsche| The Trap of the MetaVerse

We live in a physical construct, that is very much like a hologram. Our consciousness is the energy that automates the brain, which programs the body, and helps us take action.

The holographic life theory actually has quite a bit of merit to it. Even though this world we live in is very much indeed “real,” it does operate like a holographic program. Inputs = outputs and it’s how this thing we call life works.

Where it gets cloudy is when we begin to immerse ourselves in newly created holographic images and lives within this physical system we call life. We can quickly become distracted from our main purpose and reason for being through which we chose to come into this physical incarnation.

Special guest Michaell Magrutsche is a totally self-taught individual, author of 5 books, podcaster, speaker, guide, and former Newport Beach CA Arts-Commissioner.

Michaell helps people discover patterns within art and creativity that foster creative communication and identify art-values outside of any art-product. This perspective of looking at creativity brings humanity together and shows it’s limitlessness and helps raise our human potential.

He discovered that there are three inherent human-superpowers that we all should be aware of:

1. Creativity

2. Healthy Dialogue

3. Adaptability

This is our topic of focus in this weekend deep dive episode.

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|Michaell Magrutsche| The Trap of the MetaVerse

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