|Linn Rivers| Holistic Healing is Real

Would you believe your doctor if they told you most of the mediation you are own is actually making your sicker? Well, they may not actually tell you this, but it is very much real. Just look at the commercials on T.V. with all the “disclaimers” that have to be mentioned concerning the side effects. 

While today’s westernized doctors may be trying to treat the main aliment, what they aren’t telling you is that you are “out of balance” in some way. If you weren’t; then you would be healthy. So by prescribing the “pill” it actually causes unnatural reactions in our bodies that then require us to keep coming back perpetually with more sickness and side-effects that need treatment.

The time has come to take a more holistic and “with balance and nature” approach to medicine. 

Join us today with special guest Linn Rivers.

Linn Rivers has been in the holistic health field and counseling world for over 15 years and assists people in overcoming what could be seen as insurmountable situations through many different modalities.

She has fine lined her approach and is able to assist others in drastically shifting their health in a short period of time without wasting time and money.

She is a graduate of the renowned, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her journey with holistic medicine and spiritual counseling however, started way before this time.

Linn’s educational background includes; Holistic/Functional Medicine, Microbiome Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Eastern and Western Massage Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Yoga Therapy, Life Coaching, Death Doula, Hypnosis, and Human Design Analysis.

It was her own journey that led her to all of these practices. She is able to connect with people authentically because she herself had to overcome so much trauma and health issues and understands what it is like to be on a healing journey that can often times feel defeating.

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|Linn Rivers| Holistic Healing is Real

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