Learn how to Transcend Time and Space

If you only had more time…This is a statement that many in the world utter day to day. But it is a myth! If I told you that all of us can learn how to transcend time and put ourselves in control of the ticking of the clock – would you believe me? The fact is we are the controllers of our own time. Many of us don’t see life this way and often use phrases such as:

  • I’m too busy
  • I wish I had more time in a day
  • Time is never on my side
  • This is going to take me forever
  • I’m always running late due to all I have to accomplish

I’m here to tell you that through some mindset shifts, you really can become your own arbiter over your day and put your life and time to work for you, rather than having it control you.

Stop Allowing Society to Dictate Your Time

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In much of the world and society today, time rules us all.  We are bound by it at such an early age that it becomes a normal aspect of our lives as we reach grow through our adolescence and into adulthood.  We think about time in a way that is always fleeting and stealing our attention away from what we believe we value most.

In today’s Time Trap we believe we don’t have time to be creative, spend quality time with our loved ones, to be loved, as well as get all of the things we need to get complete, done. In essence, we feel we’ve been trapped by time.  Gay Hendricks, the author of “The Big Leap,” has a good way of putting it:

Time is the master, and I am the slave

Gay Hendricks

Once you see the ramifications of this and begin to really understand the implications of it your life, I’m sure you will want to implement change and learn how to transcend time and space to free yourself of this “time-bondage.”

The Newtonian Time Paradigm

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Newtonian time has taught us to assume we will always experience a limited amount of time in each day.  It teaches that humankind will always have a problem with time, due to the fact that it is a limited commodity in our lives.  

We can compare this paradigm to other aspects of life. If we assume that there will always be a limited amount of food or water in the world then we will always fear the inevitable outcome of running out of both commodities.  This aligns with the Newtonian time concept that time is finite, and because of that, we must always fear the possibility of running out of it. In this thought process, we will always be rushing to stay ahead and not fall behind.

This is an unhealthy and outdated social indoctrination that we’ve likely all been guilty of falling victim to. This causes us stress, anxiety, and other burdens and eventual illnesses due to the constant “man-made” struggle in our heads.

Learn how to transcend time with Einstein Time

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Humankind “made up” the aspect of time as we know it, and have been using it to manage and live our lives.  Through this man-made creation, we have unconsciously allowed it to rule over us.

But we can begin to see a different way of viewing the concept of time. In order to do this, we must learn to see and understand that You are where time comes from. Its the single truth of what time is. We decide it. Let’s take this concept a step further and discover that You are time!  I know at first it may be a difficult concept to grasp, but seeing this truth will free everything up in your life to be so much more empowering.

Living your life with “Einstein time” means building a positive relationship with time.  You can begin to properly balance your priorities with time and not be ruled by it.  You begin to put in less amount of time and get twice the output from your efforts.

The benefits of Einstein Time:

  • Spend half the time you used to to achieve your agenda
  • You become the creator of your time, not those outside of you
  • Relieve the pressure and hustle in life
  • Lessen anxiety, stress, and improve health
  • Feel more at peace
  • Constant state of refreshing renewal
  • Get done what you need to and still have time for those you love
  • Because you are the source of time, you have as much of it as you need

Taking a Leap of Faith into the Time Tunnel

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When you are doing something that you love, you enter what is sometimes referred to as “flow state.” Time seems to bend and you will enter sort of a Time Tunnel.  Time often doesn’t move as it appears to in normal everyday life. What often feels like 1 hour may feel like 1o minutes.  In direct opposition to this, if you are doing something you don’t want to be doing or something you totally distaste doing, 10 minutes of doing this task will feel like 1 hour. 

We need to learn to understand and see time as the exact moment you are in.  Understand that everywhere you are, through every point of you day, is right where you should be. Let time and space be a part of you. Don’t let the rushing thoughts of concern and worry enter your mind. Work to control any fear or doubt about your day. Properly allowing the space you occupy, to simply be, will melt away all concerns of man-made time.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Newtonian Time Thought Process: 

You constantly look at your watch or phone to keep checking on the time.  You become anxious and stressed as the begins to take a negative toll on you. The feeling of overwhelm and concern sets in. When you arrive to your destination, you complain about the traffic and likely continue to have aggravations throughout your day due to the negative beginning.

Einstein Time Thought Process:

Embrace the space you are in.  Understand that this traffic backup occurred and perhaps it did for a reason that is unbeknownst to you. There is no need to check your watch or phone for the time, as you will get to your destination when you are supposed too. You stay removed from stress and anxiety. When you do arrive to your designation you mention the fact of the crazy traffic and find out that many others were late due to the same reason.

Learn to transcend time & Embrace Einstein Time Everyday

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I highly anyone that hasn’t read Gay Hendrick’s “The Big Leap” to give it a read. There are vast other learnings in his book about life in general and breaking into your “zone of genius.” How we view time has a lot to do with this.

  • See yourself as your own arbiter of time
  • Believe and learn that YOU create your own time, not the world
  • Cease any negative talk about time
  • Ignore the urge when others complain about time, you’ll notice it more
  • Take notice of any feelings of anxiety or stress:
    • Discontentment or hurry – why? See these feelings for what they are. Recognize if you are creating these feelings yourself and if so, change your thought behaviors. If others are creating them, find a way to distance yourself from them if possible, or begin to ignore their impact in your life.
  • Embrace the space you are in! You are right where you are supposed to be at the exact time you’re supposed to be there.

I hope this gives you some perspective on how to learn how to transcend time and space. It will help you remove anxiety and stress from your life. We have this ability through our own mindset and just need to see it as such.

Have any other suggestions or best practices that work for you? Feel free to share your experiences and join in the conversation.

Learn how to Transcend Time and Space

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