How the World will End


Many people have a belief through the many religious teachings that the earth will face a fiery doom. It most certainly will when our sun decides its life is over and enters a supernova phase. But perhaps the “end of the world” as we know it, may not meet this fiery demise. Perhaps it is a “spiritual awakening” that will encompass this earth that we current know and that will be how the world will end.

When you read about the end of the world in any scriptures of the Bible, what interpretation hits your stream of consciousness? I know for me, whenever I was raised at a young age and was reading different Bible verses and even having Bible study or Bible stories told to me, I’ve always kind of envisioned it as a fiery end of the earth that God would destroy whatever evil was left in the earth through.

I was taught the new kingdom of Jerusalem would come down onto the world and heaven would reign on earth. Again, back to many of my earlier teachings, I believe that the stories in the Bible are very allegorical or sometimes metaphorical in meaning. And today that is what we are going to talk about in terms of how the world will end.

But the Lord’s day will come like a thief. One that day the heavens will pass away with a great rushing sound, the elements will be dissolved in fire, and the earth and all the works on it will be disclosed

2 Peter 3:10

Will “Jesus end the world?”

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Many people think that when “Jesus comes back,” the earth will be consumed by fire and everything will be anew. Again, unfortunately, that notion is based off a mistranslation from the Kings James version of the Bible. The earth will not be burned up, but rather disclosed or laid bare, or said another way; will be found.

This pertains, especially to anything that is a bad or evil nature, that is not of pure love, higher level consciousness. And the expression being burned up really means “disappearing.” All that is good, beautiful, and true will remain.

So I believe what we’re talking about here is that the earth that we know and many of us hopefully love is here to stay. At least for as long as the sun, our star, decides that it’s going to continue to burn at its current rate and not shift into an early supernova. At some point our earth will burn up, hopefully billions and billions of years from now.

Out with the old world and in with the new

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The new earth that is coming our way through the return of Jesus Christ in my terminology, means the return of Christ consciousness in human understanding and practice. I know this can be a very controversial point of view, but to me and within my search for meaning, this hits home.

I am not here to try to contradict or challenge your point of view. If you are a following of Jesus Christ in the Christian tradition, it is mostly taught that Jesus will have a “physical return” to earth. Does this mean in physical body or that we will embody his love, compassion, and way of living?

That is what I believe will end the earth as we know it today and lead to the “new Jerusalem” and the kingdom of heaven. We have to work to renew our minds on a day to day basis because our choices have the power of life and death. We can literally bring heaven or hell to earth. It is through our thinking, our conscious awareness, our love, or our finding of higher conscious, that Jesus Christ or “Christ consciousness” will find it’s way back through all of earth and humankind.

And that is certainly encouraging to remember that the love-based thoughts that we build into our minds and the good fruit that they produce in our lives have eternal significance. They will not be burned up in the new creation. They are here to stay; hopefully only better in the “new world.”

How we ensure the current world will end positively

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Once the higher level of consciousness individually, one person at a time, rises to the right level – that will be whenever the new earth, the new Jerusalem is here to see and stay. Personally, I think that we are fighting that battle right now. Evil is trying very hard to keep human consciousness from rising to the proper levels in order to have this new earth, this return of “Christ consciousness.” Work to become more conscious yourself, and you help the whole.

That is why there is so much purposeful and divisive tactics being placed out before us. It is really where we put our attention and focus. My advice today and every day is to tune that divisiveness out. Whenever you hear it, work hard to not have that knee jerk reaction to reciprocate and charge back at whatever point of view you may be challenging.

Once we can internalize properly what love consciousness is like, and looking at it through the better lens of awareness, we won’t fall victim to all the things the media and others with sinister intentions are trying to keep us divided through.

The more we get caught up in that type of thought, then the longer it’s going to take in order to have Christ consciousness returned to earth. My personal belief is that it will take mostly all individual consciousness to rise up. And that is how the new earth will begin. So today and every day, how you help with this process is you start with yourself. Work on that calming stillness, the awareness, the presence of mind. Become aware of the rhythm of life; the swinging of the pendulum. Be aware of it, but not of it.




How the World will End

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