|Heather Hakes| Getting Unstuck

With all the noise and chaos in the world today it is easy to feel stuck. 

Today’s special guest, Heather Hakes, stands in to help others free themselves from a negative and fear backed mindset space and to live more empowered. 

She has been fascinated with psychology and human potential and has been studying personal development for more than 20 years. She’s also always been a bit of a rebel not wanting to follow the crowds.

She’s learned about the power of mindset and how to shift paradigms from many teachers along her journey. She knows that a shift in perception will literally change a persons life and reality.

In 2017, she took a HUGE leap of faith and followed an intuitive nudge. She waved goodbye to the corporate world knowing there had to be a better reality. She could no longer fathom dreading Monday and cheering on Friday for the rest of her life.

She quit corporate and manifested a six-figure payout and spent the next two-and-half years traveling the world.

She’s now on a mission to be a lighthouse for humanity to re-mind us to take our innate power back through awareness and self empowerment.

Her Vision: Help you to unlearn all of the false beliefs holding you in fear, lack and limitation.

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|Heather Hakes| Getting Unstuck

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