|Heather Conn| Moving past the Childhood Traumas of Incest

There may be no greater trauma than that of sexual abuse, especially when that individual is a child.

Today, we bring on special guest Heather Conn, the author of “No Letter in your Pocket,” which is her memoir addressing the challenges she endured of sexual abuse and incest from her father. 

A brief description of her book:

Incest denial and sexual assaults disrupt a young woman’s solo spiritual quest and her two romantic adventures in India in 1990-91. Two decades later, after profound healing, she’s resilient at mid-life. Finding the love and intimacy she craves, she can, at last, forgive her dying father—and her mom, for her decades of silence.

This powerful adventure tale and survivor’s story strives to help inspire others to work through their anger and rage and find compassion and forgiveness.

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|Heather Conn| Moving past the Childhood Traumas of Incest

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