Defining your Personal Values for Life

We are all a work in progress. Learning and growing is a constant part of our life journey, unless we choose it not to be so. Even then, we will still face hardships and they will be even more painful without self-awareness. The universe is never going to stop giving us what we need for growth. Defining your personal values in life helps frame up how you choose to live, learn, develop, and become your best self.

We all have a choice in how we craft and co-create our lives. I choose to be as proactive as possible and always looking for the best and most positive ways to live so that I can grow and help those around me become their best selves possible.

These are my guidelines that I have defined for my life. My code, my ethics, my beliefs, my truths. It is my desire that they help you in defining your personal values for life success:

1. Remain Close to the Great Spirit “The All”

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No matter what word you have for “God” put that first in life. I know, most people that have any spiritual sense usually say that God is first in their life. But what does that mean?

To me, it is staying close and connected with that energy. Beginning and ending each day with thanks and gratitude. Be it through meditation, prayer, or focused thought; continue to stay close to your higher self. We are still connected to our Source whether we realize it or not.

2. Treat the Earth and all that Dwell therein with Respect

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To me, this means all creatures that dwell on earth. All mammals, plantlike, and human life. We are all connected and a part of the whole.

How we treat each other becomes a representation of how you feel about yourself.

Being kind to all things matters. Putting out love for others over distain. Despite our many differences, we are one human species.

We cannot evolve consciously until we begin to understand this connectedness to all things.

3. Respect all others while Defining your Personal Values

Once we begin to see the world with new eyes, it should be easier to see our fellow brethren in the same ways as well.

Defining your personal values means appreciating everyone for their unique views and perspectives.

Our ego tries to trick us into believing our ways is right. Within ego mastery, we begin to see that we don’t need to always prove our way right. The universe balances all things – even our opinions for a reason.

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4. W0rk Together for the Betterment of all Humankind

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Upon seeing each other as equals despite our many unique perspectives and life situations, we can begin to evolve consciously.

This is the next great evolutionary shift in humankind.

Until we all are no longer suffering, we as a human species are going to have a harder time as a collective moving forward.

While we can’t solve all issues for all people on this planet, we can still certainly approach all others through leading with love.

The more people that choose to live this way brings us closer to spiritual enlightenment as a human collective.

5. Give Assistance and Kindness wherever Needed

This is about the simple things. Smile more often, hold open doors for others, never pass a stranger in need without helping in a small way.

When we lead with kindness, we not only feel better ourselves, we also set the example for others.

It becomes infectious. You will be happier. Being kind helps release a true level of serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

It literally makes you feel better and goes a long way in making a difference for others. So why not incorporate this behavior in your life?

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6. Do what I Know to be Right while Defining your Personal Values

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When you are aligned with your higher self or “The Devine,” you begin to intuitively know what is right. It becomes a “solid knowing” that you can feel in your body.

This is how you know what your truth is and what is right. This applies to you. It may not apply to everyone. Truth does not need to be all encompassing. What matters for you may not matter for all.

7. Look After the Well-Being of my Mind & Body

We all have a reason for being. That purpose in life requires that we take great care of our mind, body, and soul.

We cannot achieve our purpose in life if we don’t care for our mind and body.

Making time for daily exercise and time for pause and reflection helps us within this area of life.

Taking good care of the physical vessels we have carrying around our spirits and souls is a wise way to ensure that we keep the connection to our source at an optimum level for guidance and intuition.

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8. Dedicate a Share of my Efforts to the Greater Good

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Our circle of influences are often greater than we often realize in life.

As you define your purpose in life, you should always aim to use it in defining your personal values.

In defining those values, how do you aim to use your purpose towards the greater good?

We all have attributes that we can use that are our strengths. What strengths are you using to help those around you in life?

Lean into your best self and use those characteristics and skills to bring joy, value, and overall goodness to those in your circle of influence.

9. Be Truthful and Honest at all Times when Defining your Personal Values

Once you know your truth it is easy to live as your authentic self. Feel the power within that lifestyle.

Always come from a place of authenticity and speak your truth. Never be afraid of it or how it may be received.

Always remember however, your truth need not be the truth for everyone. However, stay true to yourself and what your represent in all things.

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10. Take Full Responsibility for My Actions

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Realize always that no one else is accountable for your life than you. Every choice you’ve made has led you to this point in life. Each choice of the future will generate your future self.

The present moment is all we ever have and what we do in each of our present moments dictates our final outcomes.

In all ways, for all you do – take full responsibility and OWN IT.

I am a work in progress…we all are…

Most of us want to be our best selves, in our own ways, at our own times. We have different ways of defining our life principles and can do so in whatever ways feel right for ourselves.

How did this resonate with you? Feel free to leave a comment and share any life value that I may not have listed that is a major part of your life.

Defining your Personal Values for Life

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