Defining Your Personal Brand

Many people in life claim to live as their authentic self, but what does that actually mean? Why does it matter? Should you even care how others view you? Absolutely YES! Don’t be the person that claims not to care how others view you. Defining your personal brand and living it authentically each day will bring more opportunities that you align with into your life. More opportunities leads to more purpose and fulfillment, which then brings more happiness into your life. Here is a step by step guide to help you build and set your normal operating standards of life.

What do you get Fired up for in Life?

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Chances are all of us have passions in life that drive us. Draw a line down the center of a piece of paper and write down all the different things in life that you love and care deeply for. On the other side of that paper, write all the things in the world that you’d like to see improved. When it comes to defining your personal brand, this first step is important.

You need to get very specific about what it is in life you want to stand for. For example, as I was defining my purpose, I knew very quickly that I wanted to make a difference for others. What I didn’t exactly always know was the how. It’s one thing to always be kind, generous, and overall a good human being – but how do you actually make a difference in the lives of others?

Look at the two columns and begin to circle the aspects you care mostly about and what to see the biggest areas of improvement in. These will become your “North Stars.” This will become your first step in defining your personal brand.

Embody all of your Passions Daily

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Like filling a glass completely full, you need to become these passions. How much will you fill your cup? The simple answer – until it is overflowing so that you are impacting others around you.

I’ll give you an example; I am deeply passionate about getting people to think bigger, reflect, pause, and seek answers to some of life’s greatest questions. So – I embody this daily. At every opportunity, I ask people about their lives. What fascinates them? Are there avenues of life that they desire more answers in? If they could find solutions to life problems, what answers would they need?

Simply getting into that modality everyday helps me embody these “higher-seeking” aspects into my daily life. I have become “these things.” This will be what I am forever. Not a day goes by that I don’t think these perspectives and try to get others to tag along for the ride.

So – become your passions. Allow them to overflow into others. Don’t be pushy about it, just “authentically you.” Meaning, at appropriate times, give people your best around what it is that you are passionate about in life.

Defining the Values for your Personal Brand

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While there are many different tools available to take you step by step through defining your personal brand, I feel there are none more important than developing your values system.

These values will decide what you say “yes” to in life, and when you say “no.” They will become your “personal set of operating system values.” They will help guide you, mold you, and transform you more into defining your personal brand.

Here are a few of mine:

  • Live with humility
  • Always seek to be curious first, and critical second
  • Live with gratitude daily
  • Be a net-giver over a net-taker
  • Live with Abundance in mind

You get to have fun with this process. As you work through the list, keep the following in mind:Consider the people you most admire.

  • Consider the people you value and admire most
  • Think of your personal life experiences
  • Take note of any reassuring themes
  • Capture your top core values

You can have a list anywhere from three to ten or more if you desire. As you discover and choose your core values, you are taking steps towards living and defining your personal brand.

Print and post the list! Laminate it or shrink it down to a pocket sized pamphlet that you can carry with you each day in your pocket. Refer to them as often as necessary.

Like will Attract Like in your Personal Brand

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Soon you will begin to take notice that the people in your life that don’t serve you fall out. Then more of the right people you need in your life come into it.

That is the beauty of framing up and defining your personal brand. Putting some time, energy, and thought into this sets up your mainframe and helps guide you into life’s greater purposes for you. You become more aligned and can live more authentically as yourself.

Confidence grows as more and more opportunities come your way. Your life begins to take on new meaning. Suddenly, this new found zest for life leads you to more and more abundance.

This is just once example of “doing the work.” Take the time to set up this “operating system” of a personal brand that defines you.

It will keep you guided along the way as you march ever more fervently towards your North Star.

Defining Your Personal Brand

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