|David Green| Discovering your Soul

We do have a soul – but how do we get truly tapped into it and discover our higher self?

In the noisy and highly distracting life we live within today, it is easy to be pulled away further and further from the understanding that our truest, highest version of our selves is our soul. And that soul is connected to a higher Devine source.

But what is this source? the Bible states we were “created in God’s image.” What does that mean? 

In today’s episode we dig into that conversation and much more.

Our special guest today is David Green.

For over 30 years David has been teaching topics such individuality and soul awareness.  He has helped his students deal with issues such as loneliness, self-esteem, inner awareness, making major life choices, how to find their soulmate, and much more.

David spent time in the Hollywood music business as a songwriter at the young age of 16. He then studied music composition at Indiana University in Bloomington. After a lot of questioning, he went to Israel to find himself and a more soulful expression of his music. He found both by learning an array of topics about spiritual growth. Years later he received his rabbinical ordination while studying at the Mir yeshiva.

David wrote his first book, A Book about You, which helps people find their individuality and soul awareness. Everyone has a different personality and meaningful path to to achieve greatness in this world. Meanwhile, he wrote an album called Journey to the Real You. The songs and lyrics are woven throughout my first book with QR codes connecting the reader to the songs being quoted.

A big part of knowing who you are is knowing what you are. By knowing that the soul is the most essential part of who you are, it will contribute to the “journey to the real you.”  David’s new book, “Pictures of your soul” takes you back to that basic question and explores the beauty of your soul and how to grow, even from a very low place, should someone be struggling with their spiritual awareness and identity.As an artist, David has also spent time in the film industry. He won a CableACE award, the Cannes Film Festival for Deadly Currents and the Health and Medical film festival for a movie starring Martin Short which was distributed by Disney.

For his livelihood, David invents and patents technology.

He is living in Israel, where he is happily married with 8 kids and 16 grandchildren.

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|David Green| Discovering your Soul

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