|Dave Combs| Music Therapy for the Soul

Music is a part of our lives…

We have memories that tie to it, major life moments that resonate to music, and it can be very therapeutic for us as well. We are energy beings after all and that means we “vibe” at certain frequencies. It’s why you like and resonate with a particular genre of music and certain songs.

Today’s guest, Dave Combs, is a songwriter, photographer, entrepreneur and author with four decades of experience writing over 120 songs and creating fourteen albums of soothing, relaxing instrumental piano music. His songwriting began with the now popular standard, Rachel’s Song. His soothing, relaxing music has been played millions of times worldwide on radio, satellite, and all internet streaming media and it continues to touch the lives of millions of people all over the world. He is also the author of the bestselling new book, Touched By The Music: How the Story and Music of Rachel’s Song Can Change Your Life.

Take a listen for a special story of entrepreneurship and success as well as how music resonates with us and can become therapy for the soul.

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|Dave Combs| Music Therapy for the Soul

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