Created in the Image of God

If we are created in the image of God, then is God a human being? I love trying to tackle this question. In my humble opinion – no. God, the Universe, the Sacred, the Devine, Source, or our Higher Selves is pure, all knowing, loving, conscious energy. That energy may be tied to an omnipresent being of some time, but I don’t believe it to be human.

So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them, male and female, he created them.

Genesis 1:27

Is it truly so hard to believe that we are powerful individual beings? This above verse from the Bible and the book of Genesis is a well known verse. What does this really mean? Is it coming from a physical aspect? Do you believe that God is somewhere else in a distant reality as a human being? Perhaps he is old, wise, and wearing that long grey beard of wisdom as the western civilization has often depicted. If this is your belief, that is totally fine. The fact is, I don’t think anyone truly knows. But that shouldn’t stop us from pulling this verse of the Bible apart and forming our own conclusions.

I tend to think this verse is discussing “the energetic” or “soul level” aspect of life. Energetically speaking, that resonance that is within us is what God truly is. We are that spirit energy that is connected to God, the Divine Source, the Universe, and our Higher Selves. The Kybalion teaches this from the Hermetic Philosophy as well. The Principle of Gender is one of the seven principles which teaches that all energies within the universe have a “male” and “female” component to them.

We are like gods when it comes to our thoughts

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Let’s think about it from a different aspect. Our thoughts can actually create our livelihood. What we think, we become. Spiritually and energetically speaking, we are the creators of our own lives. Is it that hard to believe that, like God, we are creating our own “inner-realities” of life?

Just like we were made within the image of the creator, it is my belief that we are designed to create our own worlds and outcomes. If we are created from this higher consciousness, the soul and spirit within each of us has the energy to live our best human experience possible. Or, if unaware of the power of our own spirit energy, we manifest undesirable outcomes in our lives.

We have the ability to reflect this love into the world and with it, the praises of that creation back to our higher selves. From this angle, we can point to another aspect of the Hermetic teachings within the Kybalion. The Principle of Correspondence. “As Above, So Below,” or “As is Here, So is There. We can think, feel, and choose ourselves into our own grand design, just as our creator did with our souls and spirit. We are a piece of that energy, that has splintered off from a non-physical aspect of life. Because spirit energy and consciousness begins within the mental plane of existence, we bring those thoughts into our physical lives with enough focus; for better or for worse.

We can show the world what that connection to our higher source and higher self truly is – love and goodness. But when we constantly think negatively, it begins to impact our actions. Sometimes these actions do not reflect that of a loving higher level consciousness back into our worlds. It reflects through a broken light, a broken image that is not of higher loving consciousness.

If we are created in the Image of God – then think as God would

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Being made in the image of our creator, in the image of whatever you call God, truly is a magnificent realization. It is a reminder for all of us to live within our most fullest most authentic selves. That is the more wiser choice over just allowing our lives to unfold unconsciously. We must become aware that we are creating our own lives, our own realities from that spark and power of the almighty, the Universe, God, our creator.

If worst comes to worst and that just doesn’t feel comfortable for you, then you can simply believe life is all random; that we are a part of that randomness. Even so, we are a part of this energy that happens to exist within the universe. That energy is consciously creating our lives and collectively the path of humankind. We have the ability to become better through this realization, or become much worse wasting away our opportunity.

This is why it is so incredibly important for us to monitor what we are thinking, feeling, and choosing. Because we have the power of choice, we can choose to think like our creator. We can think and manifest thoughts of goodness and love back into our lives, thereby living in the way that we created and meant to live.

Created in the Image of God

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