Compete Against Only Yourself

No matter how much practice we get with mindset and awareness we are always going to have to deal with other people. Often, these people are quick to judge, give opinions without request, or even be flat out rude since they are not on our higher frequencies. That is not judgement, but rather fact. When we can realize that we really only compete against ourselves, we can learn to let the opinions, judgements, and beliefs of others that we don’t align with roll off our backs. That is a very freeing experience.

Let the king’s peace be the deciding factor in your hearts; that’s what you were called to, within the one body. And be thankful

Colossians 3:15

We all think, feel and choose to live in different ways. Our differences are complimentary. There is no need to compete with anyone else. Our true competition is really within ourselves. Yes, we have to deal with people almost daily. The many different people we come in contact within our lives have their own opinions and choices, yet these very same people don’t define us. When we choose to compete against only ourselves we set the expectations in our lives and decide if we’re attaining our goals or not.

It is through those choices we make that we have full accountability in our live. We cannot and will not ever have any control over what others around us in life do. Even if we are very adamant about trying to help others, it’s going to always come down to how they choose to live their own lives.

The apostle Paul had similar concerns and he called them out within the Bible. He was trying to bring unity and the coming together of the early church. The goal was to create “one body.” It was a challenge back then and that challenge still remains for humanity.

What is meant by “love thy neighbor?” Certainly, it’s always great to say that we should love and care for one another. But what if that person you’re being asked to love is simply not a very good person? What if they’re kind of idiotic? Well, then in that case, obviously it’s a little bit harder to love that individual. Nevertheless, we can still show them love, empathy, and compassion. Even if we don’t agree with what they stand for or how they choose to live. They may not be living on our frequencies or within our value system, but they are still human and we are connected to them as one consciousness. We can still send them and show them love, always wishing them well.

Compete Against your own Judgements

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When we begin to recognize that we are not in competition with one another and only with ourselves, we can choose to look past the differences we all have. We can choose to still come together and celebrate the commonalities, all the while still growing from our differing opinions, as long as we stay open-minded. It’s about trying to look past our own biases and judgements.

And that is how we learn and continue to grow. The next time you come into contact with an individual that has a lot of differences of opinion, don’t undervalue them. Remember, you need not compete against them. They are living their life and have their own journey. Chances are, if you talk to them long enough, you’d probably find some commonality. Yet we dismiss each other very quickly, often get angry or judgmental, and then label the other individual wrong and crown ourselves the victor.

Competing with our own Ego

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Our main ideologies do not need to line up with everyone else. That is our ego craving attention and approval. We need to break free of that ego. When we can begin to recognize we each have something beautiful and unique to contribute to the world, we no longer have to feel that competition with one another. We can disregard our differences. Being one body is possible.

When we begin to reframe our mindset in this way, we begin to see the oneness of the connectedness that we all share. That is the universal consciousness of God’s source and divine energy.

We can begin to allow peace to rule our lives. It’s not about competition amongst others. Today and every day, do not view yourself as competing against, rather view it as competition in you. It is that competition against yourself that will lead you to a lot less anxiety and better outcomes.

You can still be within your authentic self, but you need not feel the egoic demands of competition amongst others. This is perhaps one of the most freeing experiences of life. Discover this newfound peace and let it resonate within you today and everyday…

Compete Against Only Yourself

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