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Opening Communication to Spirit Guides

There can be a lot of mystery, confusion, and complexity surrounding the understanding of the Holy Spirit and spirit guides. Human kind has a tendency to complicate these types of spiritual understandings. Our ego can get involved around what we believe to right or true and then there is the religious dogma that often surrounds the topic. I am here to tell you that we need to stop complicating the process. Opening communication to the Holy Spirit or our spirit guides is not a complex process. However, it does involve doing some inner reflection and work around mindset to clear the mind and make space for the channels we need to “see” or “feel” our guidance. Here is how to go about that process:

Just breathe to begin opening the channels

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The first tactic is to pause through the day and bring awareness to your breath. That’s right — just breathe. Pause in your daily routine throughout the day and notice your breath. Many of us don’t breath properly.

Our autonomic nervous system, which controls automatic functions like heart rate and digestion, is split into two parts. The sympathetic nervous system, controls our fight-or-flight response. The other, the parasympathetic nervous system, controls our rest-and-relax response. 

While both parts of our nervous systems are always functioning, deep breathing can help quiet our sympathetic nervous system and therefore reduce feelings of stress or anxiety. This helps quiet the monkey mind.

Proper breathing involves deep breathing down into the belly. Many of us breathe shallowly only into our chests, only partially filling our lungs. Focusing on our breathing is the first way to begin opening communication to higher sources and channels.

Quiet the mind to begin opening communication

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Human kind has been programmed to get caught up in the rat race. We have our constant mind chatter or “monkey mind.” There are ways to calm and quiet this monkey mind. Here are some of the best practices that work for me:

  • Get outside and into nature no matter the season or time of year
  • Practice taking pause and reflection in your life
  • Meditate (can be walking meditations or other variations)
  • Give gratitude at the beginning and end of each day
  • Journaling throughout each day or week

Do not allow the many misconceptions around meditation to deter you. Simply becoming present is becoming mindfully aware. It is a form of meditation. So many people get caught up in the thinking that meditation and mindfulness must be conducted in certain ways. As a result, people get frustrated and give up far too soon on the mindset and practice.

There benefits abound when becoming aware of the present moment in your life. Quieting the mind is one of the most important aspects when it comes to opening communication to our spirit guides.

Opening communication – seeing is believing

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Once we have calmed the mind, the real fun of opening communication to our spirt guides can begin. In addition, life takes on new meaning. We begin to feel guided and can use our intuition.

Be it through daily intention, meditations, or prayer — we can ask for guidance and begin receiving it. Moreover, we can really begin to empower our life and purpose.

Communication from our guides comes in a variety of forms:

  • Signs (i.e. serendipitous moments brought before you
  • Repeating numbers
  • Songs
  • Electronics
  • Movies / Documentaries
  • Dreams

These are just a few of the many different ways that our higher selves communicate to us here in the physical realm. In other words, however we most typically prefer our communication, we begin to see it. In addition, the more we see this communication, the more our guides will give it to us.

The key here is to open yourself up to these possibilities. How many times have you seen coincidences occur in your life that you chalk up to dumb luck? Chances are this is the universe, our spirt guides, the Holy Spirit, or our Higher Selves at work communicating with us. There can only be so many coincidences in our lives until they become mathematically improbable.

Holy Spirt vs. Spirit Guides

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During my upbringing the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost has been depicted as a white dove or bird in flight upwards toward heaven. This was the image I was given as a child. It never really quite resonated with me, and perhaps that was for good reason as it has forever made me seek more answers.

When I think of the term “Holy Spirit,” what comes to mind for me is an energetic connection to our Source, the Devine, God, or the Universe. It is the connection that is available for all of humankind if we apply ourselves towards it.

Some religious teachings tailor this meaning towards their own beliefs. Most often in the Christian teachings, it is used for connection through Christ and then God. In other words, it is opening up oneself to higher powers that exist beyond the physical realm of existence.

It is in my experience that I have come to the understanding that this connection is granted to us all if we simply open ourselves up to it. We all can connect to higher planes of existence or lower planes of existence. That is to say, “good” and “evil.”

Our spirit guides are simply other vessels that can attune us to these higher places of communication. In my study and through my own interpretation, spirit guides work alongside the Holy Spirit to connect us to our highest places of meaning and purpose. For instance, spirit guides may very well be our guardian angels and visa versa.

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Making your own Lane in Life

What is your purpose? Do you know what you are passionate about in life? Have you ever questioned what your reason for being in life is? Whose highways in life are you traveling on? Are they your roads that you are paving or the highways of others through which you aren’t even sure where they are taking you? Living life on your terms is about making your own lane in life. It’s about marching to your beat of your own drum. But how do you align the wheels of life to take you towards the proper destinations?

Recently, Ben Killoy, the founder of “Military Veteran Dad” and “The Business of Fatherhood,” had this very meaningful and purpose-filled conversation. What legacy will you leave in life? Whom will you have impacted? How will they describe the life you lived? These are important questions in life that are worth taking the time to frame up, so that we can live with more intent.

Being “seen” while making your own lane

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That voice inside your head – how often to you listen to it? It says things like:

  • Stay Safe
  • Don’t get outside your comfort zone
  • Remember what happened the last time you tried that?
  • You may get hurt

Our reptilian, base part of our brains contains our ego – the voice in our heads that is trying to keep us safe and inside our comfort zone. The problem with this voice – if you listen, making your own lane in life becomes quite difficult.

The ego isn’t only responsible for that pompous, loud, outspoken personality within us. It’s restricting us to keep us protected and safe, meaning it doesn’t want us getting out of our comfort zone.

It’s also that voice saying, hey, just stay safe. Stay in your lane. Don’t get too crazy out there in this thing we call life. If we always listen to that voice of caution inside our heads, then it wins and it doesn’t have to worry about change.

Become the watcher of your thoughts

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The first thing you have to acknowledge is that you have prescription beer goggles on, and that prescription is tied to how your life has happened. Every lens you look through is from your own perspective in life. It can be challenging to truly see how filtered your view is because you can’t take them off, but you can begin to become the watcher of your own thought.

This is where breakthroughs can occur. Think of a compass with two needles; one labeled fear, the other one labeled curiosity. When those two needles intersect in your life, lean in – run towards that direction. That is where you likely need to apply more attention, learning, and growth.

Fear as we know it in this modern day life isn’t like fear of the past – in most cases. More often than not, fear in our lives today is simply another way the ego keeps us held back, safe in our comfort zones. And curiosity is always a great place to pay attention to aspects within your life. Where do you have curiosity and some fear? Pay attention to those thoughts because chances are it’s a great compass for where you need to be making your own lanes in life and chasing your dreams. Your curiosity is the breadcrumb that will lead you to your purpose and passion.

Seeing your highway in life open up

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The difference between carbon and diamonds is the pressure. The more pressure you apply, the more beauty that is created out of coal. Life is like this too. It is often said that God or the universe places opportunities on your heart or in front of your life. It’s simply up to you to recognize these signs take the first steps on those aspects of your life. Action is what tells the universe that you are serious about generating more meaning and purpose in life.

All of us are here in this physical playground we call life for a reason. When we show up and “do the work,” God or the universe rewards us for taking that action. More opportunities and a means to complete those opportunities shows up within our lives. Then we are left with more choices to take – more highways of chance and new opportunity open up for us.

How much pressure we apply to these challenges and purposeful opportunity will dictate how much success that comes from it. How beautiful will your “diamond of life” become? That depends on how much focus and pressure you’re willing to apply to it.

This is part of the “ungraduation process.” It is part of discovering our truest version of ourselves and living our lives through more rewarding meaning and purpose.

This is how your highways in life will open up for you. Soon you’ll find that you will be making your own lane in life and living more through your purpose over the aspects of what others deem important. And that is truly what life is about…

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Giving Gratitude this Thanksgiving

As Ungraduated Living & Learning nears its one year launch anniversary, there are many items worth reflecting upon and giving gratitude for. For starters, let’s begin with the fact that less than 20% of podcasts that are launched make it into the following year of production. We’re coming up on our 1 year anniversary in just a few months and the listener base continues to grow.

The momentum won’t be slowing anytime soon. Actually, we’re planning quite a few changes that are aimed at making the community more engaging.

Launching our online community

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Coming by years end or early in 2022 will be an online community. This is where interested life-long learners can come together to share learnings, best practices, and ideas among each other.

Many people in today’s world crave companionship and in a community of learning and personal development, this is no different. As we all work to continue our ungraduation from societal programming towards our own empowerment; having a group of like-minded people alongside you can be beneficial.

Within our online community, the following can be expected:

  • daily motivational messages
  • sharing of individual wins and success stories
  • group accountability for anyone looking for help in their goals
  • resources for further learning (books / documentaries)
  • opportunities for networking and connection

Have your voice heard on Ungraduated Living & Learning

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A new feature that has been added to the website is a voicemail system. Go to and leave the show a question, suggestion, or other comment about what you are listening too.

As we move through time, we’ll be tossing out monthly questions for listeners to leave their thoughts on. These messages will be played on the show and commented on.

It’s a great way to have your voice heard and become an active member of the podcast. So, don’t be shy and head on over to and record your message right there from you phone or device. Let’s see who’s got some burning questions on their mind about their own self-development or the challenges they are working through in their own personal journeys.

This is your chance to take part in the show so let’s get interactive! I want to hear your voice!

Book Launch 2/22/22

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My first book, “Ungraduated” – Finding your why through dropping out of outdated belief systems, is set to launch on February 22nd, 2022.

The book is meant to be a step by step learning guide that opens the readers eyes to the understandings of Universal Law and how to use those principles to better your life, health, happiness, purpose, and overall success.

After all – more and more people are realizing that life isn’t in their hands, it really truly is mostly in their heads. And framing up the right belief system and mindset is more than half the battle when it comes to winning at life.

The template is written within this book to open up the eyes of the reader to the infinite amount of possibilities at their disposal. Once the journey begins, the only mistake is not seeing it all the way through to the end.

With the launch of the book, I will personally be seeking the help and support of a book launch team. The goal of this special group will be to help generate awareness around the book upon its launch. Should you have any interest in helping support this cause, please feel free to reach out to me via my website, and leave a comment.

There will be some swag and free books for those that are interested and become active participants during the book launch.

Giving gratitude in my life

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Outside of these ventures within the growing community platform that is Ungraduated Living & Learning, I have many other aspects of life to be grateful for. Giving thanks can actually make you happier in life. So why not take every opportunity for giving gratitude in our lives? Here are just a few more aspects of my life that I am fully grateful for:

  • A wonderful wife that supports me through all my endevors
  • Family that I never stop trying to help support, teach, and grow
  • My 3 fur babies that never cease to amaze me with their enduring love
  • Overall good health and vitality
  • The fact that we can engage in deep dialog and conversation
  • Abundance in life (never wanting / needing)
  • The life experiences that have crafted who I am…
  • My personal awakening that has me craving more learning and growth
  • A great career that has taught me more about life than I ever realized
  • Having a platform that enables me to share and spark thought

So what is it that you are most thankful in life? Undoubtably there are aspects of your life that you want to / need to give thanks for. I would love to hear from you!

Feel free to leave a comment here, or go over to and leave a message for me there. You just may even hear it played on the show! Certainly if you don’t want it aired, just let me know that too as I’ll always respect privacy.

Whatever you are thankful for this thanksgiving of 2021, I hope that you reflect upon it sincerely. For there is no greater way than to get more of what you want in life, through staying deeply connected to what you cherish most. Giving gratitude is a surefire way to continue getting more of what you hold most dear to your heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Discovering Happiness and Success in Life

Do you want to be happy, really happy? There are so many different tools and processes that can be taught. When we really open our eyes and hearts, we can truly begin to see some life transformation. This is where discovering happiness and success in life takes on new meaning.

We need to clarify what matters the most to you in your life, and then align with those things so that every single day is more joyful and fulfilling. Just figuring out what you want your life to look like and feel like isn’t quite enough to get you there.

We have to clean up relationships with ourselves. With all the programming and social indoctrination we face in life, there’s so much stuff that isn’t our weight to bare. We are weighed down by that excess baggage. What is necessary is to learn how to connect back into ourselves. Listen to what our voice is actually saying, instead of all the other voices.

Once we do that, then we can begin to see the science behind happiness. How our brains are wired and why have they sometimes sabotage us and what to look out for and what are the actual habits and actions of happiness? We can do self discovery work and turn inward all day long, but it won’t necessarily get us feeling good in life unless we take certain actions.

Taking action towards happiness

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Our human playground isn’t always meant to be easy. But it’s rewarding for people who dive deep turn inward and try to look for the answers. That’s what I think we’re here to do on this planet, which is why we chose to come here. All our life experiences have helped shape what we are and have become to this point in life.

A lot of people are just very comfortable being told what to do and being told what to believe. It feels safe for them. And then there are people who desperately desire to figure it out for themselves.

So I say, just start right where you’re at. Start by asking yourself some questions and you begin paying attention to actually how you’re thinking to yourself. What story are you telling yourself? Have you been thinking kind thoughts about yourself and your life, or are you thinking hurtful thoughts?

Pausing to become the watcher of your thoughts, you will begin to be able to see if you are taking action towards happiness or towards more despair.

How are you showing up for the world?

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How do you show up in the world? Who do you want to show up as? As we continue to work on ourselves internally, we begin to rise in vibration. We will find ourselves discovering happiness and success as more of the things that drive our happiness and success begin to show up for us.

This works very much in the opposite as well. Happiness and success will evade us if we are not properly aligned with the appropriate frequencies.

How we show up for others around us begins to reciprocate itself through karmic balances. When we lead with love, care, and genuine gratitude; more of those aspects of life materialize in our lives. When we show up within jealousy, greed, and desire for materialistic gains; we will continue to receive more of the same reasons to keep ourselves in these lower level vibrational frequencies.

Happiness and success through relationships

signal tower
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Each of us vibrate frequencies like little individual cell phone towers. What we put out, we get back. This is the energy of life.

As we work on ourselves and raise our vibrational frequencies, sometimes people in our lives fall off. This can often make us feel lonely. What we need to realize is that new higher level frequency individuals will make their way into our lives.

You can describe it as serendipity or synchronicity. However you describe it, this is the way of spiritual awakening and doing the internal work. As your consciousness rises, so will your opportunities and what the universe puts in front of you to act on.

Discovering happiness and success in life really does come down to rewiring your mental frequencies. Soon, with the proper re-coding, you find yourself having far less anxiety and stress in your life.

And this is the beginning towards discovering happiness and success in life.

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Defining your Personal Values for Life

We are all a work in progress. Learning and growing is a constant part of our life journey, unless we choose it not to be so. Even then, we will still face hardships and they will be even more painful without self-awareness. The universe is never going to stop giving us what we need for growth. Defining your personal values in life helps frame up how you choose to live, learn, develop, and become your best self.

We all have a choice in how we craft and co-create our lives. I choose to be as proactive as possible and always looking for the best and most positive ways to live so that I can grow and help those around me become their best selves possible.

These are my guidelines that I have defined for my life. My code, my ethics, my beliefs, my truths. It is my desire that they help you in defining your personal values for life success:

1. Remain Close to the Great Spirit “The All”

red and orange galaxy illustration representing the almighty spirit for defining your personal values
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No matter what word you have for “God” put that first in life. I know, most people that have any spiritual sense usually say that God is first in their life. But what does that mean?

To me, it is staying close and connected with that energy. Beginning and ending each day with thanks and gratitude. Be it through meditation, prayer, or focused thought; continue to stay close to your higher self. We are still connected to our Source whether we realize it or not.

2. Treat the Earth and all that Dwell therein with Respect

picture of rainbow over the earth and hands that show respect for it and all things within that define your personal values
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To me, this means all creatures that dwell on earth. All mammals, plantlike, and human life. We are all connected and a part of the whole.

How we treat each other becomes a representation of how you feel about yourself.

Being kind to all things matters. Putting out love for others over distain. Despite our many differences, we are one human species.

We cannot evolve consciously until we begin to understand this connectedness to all things.

3. Respect all others while Defining your Personal Values

Once we begin to see the world with new eyes, it should be easier to see our fellow brethren in the same ways as well.

Defining your personal values means appreciating everyone for their unique views and perspectives.

Our ego tries to trick us into believing our ways is right. Within ego mastery, we begin to see that we don’t need to always prove our way right. The universe balances all things – even our opinions for a reason.

hands of people reaching to each other showing equality for defining your personal values
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4. W0rk Together for the Betterment of all Humankind

we are one text on white paper for defining your personal values
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Upon seeing each other as equals despite our many unique perspectives and life situations, we can begin to evolve consciously.

This is the next great evolutionary shift in humankind.

Until we all are no longer suffering, we as a human species are going to have a harder time as a collective moving forward.

While we can’t solve all issues for all people on this planet, we can still certainly approach all others through leading with love.

The more people that choose to live this way brings us closer to spiritual enlightenment as a human collective.

5. Give Assistance and Kindness wherever Needed

This is about the simple things. Smile more often, hold open doors for others, never pass a stranger in need without helping in a small way.

When we lead with kindness, we not only feel better ourselves, we also set the example for others.

It becomes infectious. You will be happier. Being kind helps release a true level of serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

It literally makes you feel better and goes a long way in making a difference for others. So why not incorporate this behavior in your life?

white printer paper with be kind text on plants for defining your personal values
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6. Do what I Know to be Right while Defining your Personal Values

brown wooden blocks on white surface defining your personal values
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When you are aligned with your higher self or “The Devine,” you begin to intuitively know what is right. It becomes a “solid knowing” that you can feel in your body.

This is how you know what your truth is and what is right. This applies to you. It may not apply to everyone. Truth does not need to be all encompassing. What matters for you may not matter for all.

7. Look After the Well-Being of my Mind & Body

We all have a reason for being. That purpose in life requires that we take great care of our mind, body, and soul.

We cannot achieve our purpose in life if we don’t care for our mind and body.

Making time for daily exercise and time for pause and reflection helps us within this area of life.

Taking good care of the physical vessels we have carrying around our spirits and souls is a wise way to ensure that we keep the connection to our source at an optimum level for guidance and intuition.

unrecognizable woman doing gomukhasana posture in defining your personal values
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8. Dedicate a Share of my Efforts to the Greater Good

women holding hands showing support of each other
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Our circle of influences are often greater than we often realize in life.

As you define your purpose in life, you should always aim to use it in defining your personal values.

In defining those values, how do you aim to use your purpose towards the greater good?

We all have attributes that we can use that are our strengths. What strengths are you using to help those around you in life?

Lean into your best self and use those characteristics and skills to bring joy, value, and overall goodness to those in your circle of influence.

9. Be Truthful and Honest at all Times when Defining your Personal Values

Once you know your truth it is easy to live as your authentic self. Feel the power within that lifestyle.

Always come from a place of authenticity and speak your truth. Never be afraid of it or how it may be received.

Always remember however, your truth need not be the truth for everyone. However, stay true to yourself and what your represent in all things.

wood love writing typography around truth being a verb
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10. Take Full Responsibility for My Actions

chalkboard with white we see you inscription
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Realize always that no one else is accountable for your life than you. Every choice you’ve made has led you to this point in life. Each choice of the future will generate your future self.

The present moment is all we ever have and what we do in each of our present moments dictates our final outcomes.

In all ways, for all you do – take full responsibility and OWN IT.

I am a work in progress…we all are…

Most of us want to be our best selves, in our own ways, at our own times. We have different ways of defining our life principles and can do so in whatever ways feel right for ourselves.

How did this resonate with you? Feel free to leave a comment and share any life value that I may not have listed that is a major part of your life.

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Living an Independent Life and Thriving

Most unhappiness and despair in our lives comes from dependency. Dependency upon society, money, technology, the system, religion, etc. Think about how it would feel in life to truly be living an independent life free of these things? How empowering and enlightening it would be! The truest way to live this life is to release ourselves of the many dependencies that we believe we have to have in life. There are ways out of the rat race…and into real independency! Here is a template, courtesy of a recent excellent book I’ve read titled – “How to Live,” by Derek Sivers.

Be “of society” but not “in society”

crowd of people living an independent life black and white photo
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All too often we feel the need to jump into the latest trends, arguments, and other aspects that society loves to throw in our face. We even think that all these events, trends, and personalities are real. However, the fact is – these are all false realities. They are “perceived importances” from the controllers and influencers of life.

Much of the drama in our lives are self-perpetuated. In the book, Derek Sivers states that “most problems are interpersonal.” Meaning that much of what we see placed before I eyes and ears is “interpersonal drama.”

News, politics, celebrity gossip, social trends, etc – it’s all interpersonal drama. When you really step back and look, you can see this for what it is. None of these things are “real.” They are fabrications of life and what others want us to react too.

I think of one of Morpheus’s great lines in the blockbuster movie “The Matrix.” There is scene in which Neo has unplugged from the matrix and is grappling with the lies he believed were real. He tells Morpheus that “it felt so real.” Morpheus responds with:

“What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can hear, what you can smell, taste and feel then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

Let’s dive deeper…

Living an independent life without labels

sticky notes on board displaying many different labels we give ourselves in life
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We are so accustomed to receiving and giving labels to many aspects of our lives:

  • political labels
  • career positions & titles
  • rich vs poor
  • religious titles & affiliations

The list goes on and on. The truth when you really peel back the layers is that none of these things are “real.” Yes, we operate and function within “labels.” It isn’t easy to function without classifying certain aspects of our lives. However, living an independent life and thriving is about shifting our mindsets in order to generate this “independence.”

Staying out of opinions, political stances, and other hysteria on social media can truly foster healthier minds. This isn’t to say that we can’t or shouldn’t have opinions, but rather avoid the pull of the ego to defend our stances.

Learn to become as self-reliant as possible

a couple walking on a dirt path while holding hands and living and independent life
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The main point of living an independent life is to develop sustainability on your own. This might very well be the hardest part for most people.

Becoming independent must entail realizing 100% accountability for y0u. This means that there is no one person responsible for you, outside of you. No one owes you anything and you don’t owe others.

Becoming truly free requires self-mastery. Rid yourself of habits and dependencies. Realizing that nothing has control over you is a powerful epiphany. Learn to try new things and quit routines. Keep your life as fresh and full of new experiences as possible. If you change how you live, you change your entire universe of experiences and outcomes.

As much as possible in your business life, own your own rights and materials. Buy domain names and try and run your websites on your own servers. Never rely too heavily on complete 3rd party social media. You just never know when these things may not be around one day.

The unexamined life isn’t worth living


So step back, reflect, and examine your life. How “FREE” are you truly? Living an independent life in this complex world is achievable. You just have to reframe your perspective.

Happiness, success, and true meaning will follow…

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Learn how to Transcend Time and Space

If you only had more time…This is a statement that many in the world utter day to day. But it is a myth! If I told you that all of us can learn how to transcend time and put ourselves in control of the ticking of the clock – would you believe me? The fact is we are the controllers of our own time. Many of us don’t see life this way and often use phrases such as:

  • I’m too busy
  • I wish I had more time in a day
  • Time is never on my side
  • This is going to take me forever
  • I’m always running late due to all I have to accomplish

I’m here to tell you that through some mindset shifts, you really can become your own arbiter over your day and put your life and time to work for you, rather than having it control you.

Stop Allowing Society to Dictate Your Time

group of people in white shirts staring at their phones in which they need to learn how to transcend time rather than being controlled by it
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In much of the world and society today, time rules us all.  We are bound by it at such an early age that it becomes a normal aspect of our lives as we reach grow through our adolescence and into adulthood.  We think about time in a way that is always fleeting and stealing our attention away from what we believe we value most.

In today’s Time Trap we believe we don’t have time to be creative, spend quality time with our loved ones, to be loved, as well as get all of the things we need to get complete, done. In essence, we feel we’ve been trapped by time.  Gay Hendricks, the author of “The Big Leap,” has a good way of putting it:

Time is the master, and I am the slave

Gay Hendricks

Once you see the ramifications of this and begin to really understand the implications of it your life, I’m sure you will want to implement change and learn how to transcend time and space to free yourself of this “time-bondage.”

The Newtonian Time Paradigm

assorted silver colored pocket watch lot selective focus photo representing  how to learn how to transcend time
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Newtonian time has taught us to assume we will always experience a limited amount of time in each day.  It teaches that humankind will always have a problem with time, due to the fact that it is a limited commodity in our lives.  

We can compare this paradigm to other aspects of life. If we assume that there will always be a limited amount of food or water in the world then we will always fear the inevitable outcome of running out of both commodities.  This aligns with the Newtonian time concept that time is finite, and because of that, we must always fear the possibility of running out of it. In this thought process, we will always be rushing to stay ahead and not fall behind.

This is an unhealthy and outdated social indoctrination that we’ve likely all been guilty of falling victim to. This causes us stress, anxiety, and other burdens and eventual illnesses due to the constant “man-made” struggle in our heads.

Learn how to transcend time with Einstein Time

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Humankind “made up” the aspect of time as we know it, and have been using it to manage and live our lives.  Through this man-made creation, we have unconsciously allowed it to rule over us.

But we can begin to see a different way of viewing the concept of time. In order to do this, we must learn to see and understand that You are where time comes from. Its the single truth of what time is. We decide it. Let’s take this concept a step further and discover that You are time!  I know at first it may be a difficult concept to grasp, but seeing this truth will free everything up in your life to be so much more empowering.

Living your life with “Einstein time” means building a positive relationship with time.  You can begin to properly balance your priorities with time and not be ruled by it.  You begin to put in less amount of time and get twice the output from your efforts.

The benefits of Einstein Time:

  • Spend half the time you used to to achieve your agenda
  • You become the creator of your time, not those outside of you
  • Relieve the pressure and hustle in life
  • Lessen anxiety, stress, and improve health
  • Feel more at peace
  • Constant state of refreshing renewal
  • Get done what you need to and still have time for those you love
  • Because you are the source of time, you have as much of it as you need

Taking a Leap of Faith into the Time Tunnel

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When you are doing something that you love, you enter what is sometimes referred to as “flow state.” Time seems to bend and you will enter sort of a Time Tunnel.  Time often doesn’t move as it appears to in normal everyday life. What often feels like 1 hour may feel like 1o minutes.  In direct opposition to this, if you are doing something you don’t want to be doing or something you totally distaste doing, 10 minutes of doing this task will feel like 1 hour. 

We need to learn to understand and see time as the exact moment you are in.  Understand that everywhere you are, through every point of you day, is right where you should be. Let time and space be a part of you. Don’t let the rushing thoughts of concern and worry enter your mind. Work to control any fear or doubt about your day. Properly allowing the space you occupy, to simply be, will melt away all concerns of man-made time.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Newtonian Time Thought Process: 

You constantly look at your watch or phone to keep checking on the time.  You become anxious and stressed as the begins to take a negative toll on you. The feeling of overwhelm and concern sets in. When you arrive to your destination, you complain about the traffic and likely continue to have aggravations throughout your day due to the negative beginning.

Einstein Time Thought Process:

Embrace the space you are in.  Understand that this traffic backup occurred and perhaps it did for a reason that is unbeknownst to you. There is no need to check your watch or phone for the time, as you will get to your destination when you are supposed too. You stay removed from stress and anxiety. When you do arrive to your designation you mention the fact of the crazy traffic and find out that many others were late due to the same reason.

Learn to transcend time & Embrace Einstein Time Everyday

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I highly anyone that hasn’t read Gay Hendrick’s “The Big Leap” to give it a read. There are vast other learnings in his book about life in general and breaking into your “zone of genius.” How we view time has a lot to do with this.

  • See yourself as your own arbiter of time
  • Believe and learn that YOU create your own time, not the world
  • Cease any negative talk about time
  • Ignore the urge when others complain about time, you’ll notice it more
  • Take notice of any feelings of anxiety or stress:
    • Discontentment or hurry – why? See these feelings for what they are. Recognize if you are creating these feelings yourself and if so, change your thought behaviors. If others are creating them, find a way to distance yourself from them if possible, or begin to ignore their impact in your life.
  • Embrace the space you are in! You are right where you are supposed to be at the exact time you’re supposed to be there.

I hope this gives you some perspective on how to learn how to transcend time and space. It will help you remove anxiety and stress from your life. We have this ability through our own mindset and just need to see it as such.

Have any other suggestions or best practices that work for you? Feel free to share your experiences and join in the conversation.

lest we forget tombstone

Never Forget We are All Connected

Never Forget…

No se olvide (Spanish)

jamais oublié (French)

Niemals vergessen (German)

Не забывайте (Russian)

דו זאלסט נישט פאַרגעסן (Yiddish)

别忘了 [bié wàngle] (Chinese)

忘れないで (Japanese)

잊지 마라. [ij-ji mala.] (Korean)

لا تنسى [la tansaa] (Arabic)

मत भूलो (Hindi)

Unutma (Turkish)

Those words live in infamy across the globe. Some of the phrases above translate to “Don’t Forget.” Nevertheless, these words are solidified within the hearts, souls, and minds of billions of humans across the globe for different reasons.

I remember where I was that day when I watched the towers burn and crumble…many of us do.

But now 20 years later – what do the words “Never Forget” mean through my own interpretation, growth, learning, and internal development?

Never Forgetting the Lives Sacrificed

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While many see war as a necessary means to an end – I no longer do. That said, I will never forget the millions of lives sacrificed around the globe for what these men and women believe to be the greater good, on all sides, not just from the standpoint of an “American.”

These brave souls stand, fight, and often die in the line of duty for their nations. As human consciousness continues to evolve, I can see a day in the not so distant future through which we do not solve conflict through acts of war and further violence.

War is an outdated belief system that can be un-programmed in the minds of our leaders. We need not resolve disagreements through acts of violence and murder. There are other, more spiritual and soulful answers against those actions that are more egoic and worldly in nature.

All of that said – I will never forget the tens if not hundreds of millions of souls across the globe that have given their physical lives for what they believed in. While I don’t find it necessary any longer, I acknowledge the “up to now” aspect of the human consciousness. I respect and appreciate all lives around the globe that have served their countries and died for their respective causes.

My hope, belief, and meditation is that all soldiers around the globe lay down their arms before their leaders and commit that they will fight no more.

For we need not sacrifice another human soul through the act of war if we choose not too listen to those calling upon us for more war. There are better ways – better solutions to resolving conflict and disagreement.

Never Forgetting to Bring More Love to the World

i hate nothing about you with red heart light
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Love is the antithesis to hate as well as the overarching answer to solving it. Without sounding too “hippieish” – all we need is love.

This is a fact. As human kind moves up the spiritual levels of consciousness, love is where we begin to show more care, appreciation, and connectedness with the world. Above the levels of love are joy, peace, and enlightenment:

Never forget we are evolving consciously together
Human Levels of consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins

I will never forget that we are all human first. No matter our difference of opinion, political alignments, spiritual belief system; we are in this human playground experience together.

In this hyper-polarized world in which we live, I continue to work to observe the pendulum swing of the principle of rhythm.

As the power controllers of the world aim to stay within power, I believe it is often intended to generate more hate, division, opposition, and in-fighting. It is my opinion that this is by design to hold humanity back or slow our progress of collective consciousness evolution.

I will not forget that humankind is wising up to these Hegelian dialectic tactics:

Never Forget we are purposefully positioned against each other politically
Hegelian Dialectic Example in Politics

Thus, I will not forget to see you as a “human being first” over all other labels that we have given ourselves or have received from society.

Never Forgetting that United We Stand – Divided We Fall

Never forget united we stand divided we fall

Above all else…

I have learned in the last 20 years that we are connected on this planet not only through a physical nature, but spiritually as well.

We truly are all connected. There is no force on this planet that can stop us if we collectively bond together. Yes, there is work to be done. All of humanity is slowly waking up to the fact that there are manipulators abound that are trying desperately to hold us back.

Every tactic in the book of psychological warfare is being cast upon as globally. I believe the archaic operating system of power and control is crumbling around us. Thus it is why we are experiencing such extremes.

Never forget that we are many, they are few. Their intentions are to hold us back, retard our spiritual, collective conscious evolution.

Never forget that it is humanity’s destiny to push forward and reach it’s full potential.

Perhaps the pivotal point that took our breath away and caused our collective hearts to skip a beat twenty years ago to the day on September 11th, 2001 was the beginning of the outdated oligarchy beginning to crumble apart.

I will never forget those lives lost then, after, and continued.

For it is through them, that my then closed eyes – are now wide open…

neon signage

The Meaning of Living “Ungraduated”

As this blog continues onward and upward, I thought it might be helpful and beneficial to explain my definition of “ungraduated.” Yes, ungraduated is a made up word. It is a word that I have made up that beckons towards the search for truth and meaning. We live in a society that is very quick to tell us how to think, live, and believe. The meaning of living ungraduated is all about doing the work on oneself to remove so many of the limiting belief systems we operate within here in the modern world that often hold us back in life.

Living through your own Education

Teacher teaching to a class of children
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From a young age, many of us are taught how to conform, rather than think. We are given a set of criteria that ranges from history and sciences, to health and the arts. Within that curriculum, we are neatly cast. Failure to see things as society has taught, might garner us a failing grade. So instead, we are taught how to pass tests on the material we are taught. We are not taught to rationalize and form our own conclusions, but rather ensure we are keeping to the programming we are given.

Now mind you, some of this programming is necessary for proper function within society. I am all for that. We need to understand basic math, reading, and social skills. But beyond that, much of what is spoon fed to our youth is largely perspectives from those that wrote the books and the teachers that teach them.

Education, in my opinion, should be about exploration and question gathering. That is what real learning is. Not sitting in a building all day being programmed so that we fit into a nice neat ball that plays well in society.

There is so much education we have been given, not all of it correct or good, that there is a great need to ungraduate from it. We are not taught in school about how to attain real happiness, meaning, or purpose. No, we are schooled on how best to produce and function within the man-made hamster wheel of modern society.

The Meaning of Finding your own Religion

close up of hands turned upward in aspect of praying
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How much trouble can come from something that is supposed to be so good? The bloodshed over religion is one of the greatest embarrassments to the human name. My god is right, no MY god is right. Whatever god does exist certainly does not want us killing in its name, or it is likely not a god worth dying for.

For the most part, we have passed through the darker days in which people killed in the name of their religion. We are certainly not 100% past those days, but at least past the days of starting all out wars over it.

Instead, we now bicker, fight, and call each other bad names over social media or in close family quarters when we don’t agree about ones faith. Still a lot of work to be done, in my humble opinion.

How about this for a novel idea? We stop searching for which religion is right and make our own personal search of truth in faith. We have enough information available to guide us and help us make informed decisions.

This is for those that care to seek for the higher good. Enough to help us understand where our souls may inevitably be heading one day. For those that care not about a higher power – more power to you! It matters not to me. I’m confident enough that life is going to continue on after death. I’m not seeking to prove it to you when I know you will find out when your day comes.

The meaning of living ungraduated when it comes to religion is about doing your own work towards God. Whatever you feel God is, is up to you. It is how you find God that matters and not through the forced nature or threats of another human being.

Ungraduate to your own Politics

voting stickers and voting day sign
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Perhaps one of the more understood reasons of needing to ungraduate, might come from the political spectrum we live in today. What a complete and total disaster it has become.

We can hardly speak to another person that has an opposing political view.

The meaning of living ungraduated in terms of politics is completely putting yourself on a “human level.” It is not about red versus blue or how to better balance the budgets. Living in an ungraduated way in terms of politics is realizing that politics is more of a facade, designed to keep us in lower vibration. Right and left are two wings of the same bird.

Perhaps at one point in time, politics was about “for the people, by the people. But we are a long way away from that point in time. Yes, the world functions on politics, I completely understand that. We need politics in order to “get things done” in the current modality of the world. However, we need not allow politics to bring our level of vibration down.

Despite our differences, our commonality is that we are human. By undraduating from the political spectrum, you are choosing to ignore the political hatred and banter, yet still stay in tune with the world. You look at the world with love, compassion, and concern for its betterment. We may need to still vote in order to get action done, but we need not hate the other side that wins or loses.

Seeing the World in an Ungraduated Way

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To sum it all up – the meaning of living ungraduated is all about being curious. It is about asking the bigger questions in life and finding your own way rather than walking in the footsteps of others. It’s about removing limiting life belief systems.

When we stop asking questions and take everything at face value we begin to limit ourselves. The human mind is an amazing device when we use it rather than allowing it to be programmed.

What are some aspects of your life where you have become ungraduated? What new perspectives have you gained through being naturally curious? How have you become more of your authentic self?

Would love to hear as many perspectives as possible on the topic. There is so much in life that we need to seek answers for. We may not find them all, but starting with the bigger questions is how we begin to find our way, through our why – our purpose. It’s how we begin to truly define the meaning of living.

Pam Reynolds actual death experience

The Amazing Pam Reynolds Actual Death Experience

Pam Reynolds was a songwriter and orchestrator. She lived in Atlanta and at the age of 35, she was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. This aneurysm was a particularly challenging one to address as it was located in her brain stem near the base of her skull. There was one procedure that she was told gave her very little chance of survival, but that it was her only hope at continuing her life. To address the aneurysm, part of the skull is removed, including the base of the eye. This creates a space that allows access to the base of the skull. The body temperature was lowered to 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Her blood was then drained to allow the aneurysm to flatten out. Upon clipping the aneurysm, blood was then pumped back into her body as she was warmed back up. While the surgery was a success, Pam was conscious during the experience. The following description is from Pam Reynolds herself and describes her actual death experience.

Beginning Recollections

Surgery prep for Pam Reynolds
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Doctor Robert F. Spetzler performed the operation, but there were more people in that room than I would have ever guessed to be in an operating room. They cooled my body down and my heart stopped. My brain waves stopped functioning. They tilted the end of the gurney up and drained my blood, like oil from a car, into a heart lung machine. I’m told that’s what happened but, understand, I was not there when this was happening.

I had been put to sleep. Dr. Spetzler has since assured me that I was nearly comatose. There was no way that I could have heard or seen anything. My eyes were taped shut and my ears had speakers inserted in them making a loud clicking sound. These speakers were used to monitor the response of my brain. Nonetheless, I began to hear a tone. It was guttural, it was unpleasant, I did not like it. It drew my consciousness like water from a well. And having done that, I sort of popped out of my head to see what this horrific noise was.

At first my vantage point was rather like sitting on the shoulder of the surgeon. In his hand, I saw the instrument that was making the offensive noise. I have heard the word “saw” all my life – my father used a saw, my grandfather used a saw, brain surgeons use saws. I had assumed they were going to open the skull with a saw. But this was no saw. This think was held more like a pencil. It looked like a drill and actually reminded me of an electric toothbrush.

This was the thing that was causing the noise that disturbed my very, very, very, deep slumber.

An Out of Body Experience like None Other

Actual death experience
Out of body experience

The feeling of exiting the body was incredible. I’ve never weighted five hundred pounds, but if was as if I had and just lost all the weight. I could move around at will. My thought process took me where I wanted to go. I felt no pain, no more suffering, no more fear. I was free to wander around, at will, unobstructed.

I heard a female voice describing that my arteries and veins were too small. I thought they may be working in the wrong areas since they were doing brain surgery. Out of concern I tried to communicate with the female but she could not hear me.

It was indescribable but beautiful to know that I was no longer part of that thing lying on the operating table. “I” was outside of my body.

I began to sense a presence. The feeling was rather like having someone looking over your shoulder and yet there being no-one in the room. I turned around to look at it and instead of seeing a person, I saw a very tiny pinpoint of light. As I started focusing on the light, it started to pull me and the pulling had physical sensation with it. It was like from my tummy, going over a hill real fast. The closer I got to the light, the better I could see and discern figures.

The first figure I knew was my grandmother. I heard her voice calling me. But it wasn’t a voice made of vocal cords, it was something different. There were so many people there, many I knew, many I did not know, but somehow I knew I was connected to them. I didn’t know how I knew this, but I knew.

The people were wearing light, they seemed to be made of light. The ones I recognized, it’s as if there had never been a separation between us. There was love, warmth, and protection and I felt all of it.

I then saw my uncle, who had passed away at the age of thirty nine. He didn’t use his mouth to communicate. He did it in another way that I remembered from my early childhood. He had the look. He would look at me and I would understand. It didn’t take long to understand that this was how everyone here communicated.

I asked my grandmother regarding the nature of the light. My communication to her was, “Is the light God?” and there was great laughter and she said, “No, sweetheart, the light is not God. The light is what happens when God breaths.” That was the communication.

The landscape was nonexistent. It was as if the bodies were floating tin midair. There was light and shadow, but it didn’t seem to fall on anything. That’s what convinced me that I probably was not in “heaven.” It had colors like you wouldn’t believe. I was probably in an “in-between” place. Perhaps I was on some sort of bridge on the way, because, let us not forget, they would not let me into that light.

I became concerned as to whether or not I was really there. I looked at my own hands and held them up to my face. I saw something, I knew I was there, I could feel “me.” The odd thing was, I didn’t feel so very different than I feel here. And yet, there was no density in the flesh, but still, I held them up to my face to secure the knowledge that I was there.

There came a time that I knew I had to return to the body. My uncle was going to take me and that was fine. I was okay with that, until I saw the thing and I was not at all pleased. He told me, “Think about your favorite food…Won’t you miss your children?” And then he told me, “It’s like jumping in a swimming pool, baby. Just jump.” I looked down and saw the body jump with the first defibrillation. I definitely did not want to get in the thing then, because, to be honest with you, it looked like what it was — dead. I knew it would hurt. My response to him was – no. So then he pushed me.

I hit the body at the second defibrillation of the heart, and there I was alive and somewhat uncomfortable. Getting back into the body was kind of like jumping into a pool of ice water. It was shocking. I could feel the shock and it was very unpleasant.

I woke up in the operating room and was told I wasn’t supposed to wake up until I was in the recovery room.

Validating the Out of Body Experience

actual death experience of Pam Reynolds
near death experience of Pam Reynolds

Afterward, Dr. Spetzler listened very closely to everything I said to him. On the following day, he very firmly explained to me that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this was not a hallucination. He told me that what I described actually occurred. For example, they had to defibrillate me twice.

The voice I had heard was indeed female, and later my doctors introduced me to her. She was the head of the cardiovascular team and she was doing a “cutdown.” this is the methodology by which they drew the blood from my body.

I was able to eventually see the Midas Rex bone saw and indeed it did look like an electric toothbrush.

I was a believer when I left the hospital and I wasn’t the only one. There were several staff members there who said I wasn’t the only case they had seen that was unusual in this regard.

I know that consciousness survives the death of the physical body because I’ve had that experience personally. Beyond that, I cannot, in truth, know anything. In my opinion, what happened to me is evidence of an afterlife.

Having had this near death experience, I no longer fear death. I fear separation. I thought at first that I wouldn’t even fear separation, but there is no experience that makes the separation okay when you lose someone. But when my time comes, I will embrace death.

I find it extremely interesting that others from all over the planet, regardless of culture, religious bias, or political lean defy coincidence by reporting the same basic elements with their near death experiences.

Do Your Own Research – Form Your Own Conclusion

anonymous person with binoculars looking through stacked books
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There are thousands and thousands of documented cases surrounding that of out of body, near death experiences, and actual death experience.

This blog post was generated from an amazing read that I am involved in titled, “Surviving Death – A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife.” This book by Leslie Kean is full of incredible stories and is masterfully written.

She gives both sides to the arguments of consciousness and what happens before and after death. Actual death experiences are examined as well as cases of real life examples of reincarnation.

The soul and spirt that embodies us within the physical reality we call life deserves to be studied. Science likes to have concrete and absolute proof of existence so within these cases it is often difficult to lay claims to truth.

But there is documented proof out there if we want to find it. The evidence is mounting more and more. We can choose to deny these facts and turn a blind eye, or lean into the possibilities and form our own conclusions.

It may not take an actual death experience for us to discover more evidence. There are ways for us to work to discover the power of out of body experiences through focus, mental work, meditation, and other practices. I know this borders on the lines of speculation, but there are people out there who absolutely know that we continue life after death due to their experiences.

I am one of those people. Perhaps at a later point in time I will tell my story here in my blog posts. For me, it wasn’t an actual death experience, but rather the practice of daily focus and effort to experience an out of body experience. Upon that successful completion, my life was also forever changed.

My reason for being became clear – and I had to begin sharing my life experiences in hopes that others may benefit.

For more insight and information on Pam Reynolds, feel free to watch:

What are your thoughts, questions, or even experiences around all this? I would love to have you engage in the conversation.

To me, these are some of the most fascinating questions that we should be exploring in life.

My search for truth will never cease, and I welcome you all along for the ride with me.

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