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Be with Peace

One of the best things about being human is our ability “to choose.” The power of choice really is an amazing thing when you think about it. Even when life deals us a bad hand or throws us many curveballs, it is how we respond that matters. We can either be with peace or suffer through continued heartache.

Today we look at the perspective of “being with peace” and how that mindset keeps us grounded and balanced; no matter what life throws at us.

Let the king’s peace be the deciding factor in your hearts; that’s what you were called to, within the one body. And be thankful.

Colossians 3:15

When we are able to stand outside of ourselves and observe our thoughts, we are able to then connect and more clearly understand that higher loving consciousness that is “Christ consciousness.” This helps us grow and become the best person possible and to have peace inside of us no matter what the world throws our way. In a sense, we get to make our own lane to drive through in life.

When life challenges at us, we can learn to respond without a quick knee-jerk reaction. We can slow down, allow ourselves to improve with our thoughts, and thus our intellect creates a healthier and peaceful mental state. This results in a still mind, with less anxiety, less cause for depression, despair, and other negative thoughts.

This leads to more what’s called soul harmony. We can then share that harmony with others from a point of perspective, so that as we live with peace, we live by example. Then our loved ones around us perhaps become better responding to the challenges that life puts in front of them as well. It’s one of the greatest things about being human. Whether we realize it or not, we always have the ability to choose our response to life.

Despite the 10%, be with peace

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I often talk about the 80% rule. This pertains to the fact that in our lives we are in our control of most of what happens to us. Our present moment choices create our living realities. It’s what creates our futures. Then there is that 10% of chance, bad fortune, or even good luck that happens outside of our control or influence. We choose how we respond to the things that are out of our control. When it comes to the other 10%, it’s how we choose to respond that matters.

Begin to implant in your mind the feeling of deep peace. No matter what comes your way in life, by framing up your mindset properly, you’ll be better equipped for contentment and peace of mind.

This helps us to respond more positively to the opinions, choices of others, disagreements, and the things that trigger us in life. These differences of opinions that we have in life do not need to divide us. We can respect other people’s positions, whether we agree or not. Regardless of what other people believe do or say, we can always choose to respond with peace, understanding, and love. When we plant that perspective inside of our minds, we are going to be peaceful and content.

Reacting slowly and thinking first of the peace inside of your heart not only improves your own personal wellbeing, but also will improve the relationships with the people around you. Their health, mental wellness, and physical wellness improves along with your ability to be with peace.

Do not allow yourself to ride the pendulum of fluctuating change. Observe the pendulum. Step back. Watch your thoughts and learn to observe first, then stay with peace. You’ll be so better off today and every day with that mentality.

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Be Your Authentic Self

Let us not be influenced through the whims of society. When we discover our truest authentic self, we get to write our own story over having it dictated to us from others. We all have something special and unique to give to the world. Today we take a look at what it really means to become your authentic self.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well.

Psalm 139:14

This verse speaks to the differentiating perspectives, characteristics, and personality types that we all have. We all are very unique individuals yet as a collective, we are not so different.

We think, see, and feel differently about things many aspects of life . All of us have our own opinions, and that is a part of the wonderfully made aspect of this verse from the Bible. In this life, we all have unique ways to think, feel, and make choices we deem appropriate for our lives.

God, The sacred, our Higher Self; whatever you call it, is out there and we are connected with that Source. If we are not feeling that we are living as our authentic selves, we have the ability to change. We do not need to listen to what the world thinks or wants to label us. As individuals, we can become someone that is absolutely truly authentic, instead of someone who we barely recognize. It is when we really discover who we are at our core, that we can become closer to that higher level consciousness; closer to our authentic selves.

Purpose Drives your Authentic Self

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This is how we draw closer to what our purposes on this planet are and why we came to fulfill them. This perspective also helps us realize and discover that we as unique individuals, we are enough the way that we are. or however we define ourselves authentically is enough. Each human being on this amazing planet is a connected part of the wonderment of this universe. All of us literally come from stardust. It has been and always will be a piece of us for as long as this physical universe exists.

So become more of your authentic self today and every day. Do not be afraid to put out intention to the universe with authenticity, integrity, love, and passion what you want and expect from life. Your higher self will thrive off that authenticity. You’ll feel better each day by thinking and reframing your thought process more into your authentic self.

Life comes at us all a little bit differently, and that uniqueness is a good thing. Having the conversations around how we see topics and view the world aids our ability to find new perspectives and better ways to do things. This is an exceptional and beautiful gift.

Decide today to not allow the world to look or view you in any one way that you don’t align with. And quite frankly, even if they do view you in some way that you don’t align with, let it roll off your back. Because quite frankly, it doesn’t matter how they want to label you. You get to choose through your own authentic self, who you are and what you stand for. And that my friends will lead to a much healthier, less worrisome, less anxious lifestyle for us all.

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Your Heart will Guide You

By listening to your heart, you build upon the mind, body, spirit connection. Chances are you’ve heard the phrase, “As a man thinks, so he becomes.” We’ve been discussing how important it is to become the watcher of your own movie, meaning to observe your thoughts. But what about your heart? “Feeling your heart” puts you in the best place to receive and act upon guidance for your life as well as the personal and professional goals you have within it.

Do not eat the bread of the stingy, do not desire their delicacies; for like a hair in the throat, so are they. Eat and drink they say to you; but they do not mean it

Proverbs 23: 6-7

Our universal loving consciousness that we are all connected with rewards us through our Karma and pureness of heart.

This verse from Proverbs is an interesting one to try to break down and understand. It has a lot of different allegorical and metaphorical meaning within in it. I believe much of the Bible uses metaphors and allegorical insights to teach us lessons for life.

Remembering that we are our not our thoughts, yet we do become what we think can really help us ponder and dwell upon words in this verse. The Hermetic Principle of Mentalism teaches us that “all is mind.” Meaning all in life first comes from thought. I’m sure that everyone’s heard the verse “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” It is one of the most famous lines in the king James version of the Bible in Proverbs, and follows the above mentioned quote in Proverbs.

This verse has been used in many different ways. Throughout songs, history, books, films, stories; you name it. It’s interesting when we look at the actual texts from the NRSV version of the Bible. They are warning us to be careful about people with the wrong intentions.

Giving without Expecting

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People who give with generosity first in mind is great. However we want to always have it come from the heart. The meaning of, “for like a hair in the throat, so are they,” pertains to expectation of reward. Is the intent pure of heart or is the individual “giving to get?” Does the giver come of pure heart and mind or does the individual giving expect a return? It appears we are being told to have generosity and hospitality towards others, but also having good motives coming from the heart without expectation of reciprocation.

We’ve all had this experience in our lives where someone does something great for us. They go out of their way, but there’s just something that doesn’t quite feel right about the situation. It’s important for us to do the right thing, but also think the right thing coming from a place of good intentions from the heart. That is how we find a way to genuinely help out other people and reap the rewards without expectation of universal love and universal law of giving to receive. When done properly, we simply get back more so we can continue to “give more” in life.

Our Higher Selves, The Devine Source; knows where our heart is coming from. When we come from the right place within our heart, that is how we truly get more back 10x karmically in our lives. We have to come into each situation with the right intent.

Listening to the Heart

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No wonder when it comes to Christ consciousness, so much emphasis is being placed on listening to the heart. Finding ways to not just think with the mind, but also connect it to the heart. That energetic connection between mind, heart, and then soul is the Trinity aspect of how we come together to become our best, highest selves and reap the rewards in this physical life that we are living through.

So today and in every day, be mindful of the gifts you are given throughout time. Find ways to think about how we can make a difference for others without the expectation of reciprocity and getting things back in return. That is not the right way to go about thinking about giving for others. Do it unselfishly.

It does not need to be of monetary value. It can be the simple, random acts of kindness. Holding doors, smiling at people, complementing their outfit. It’s the little things that we can do. Especially when we have the right amount of resources for ourselves and want to make a difference for others.

If we actually have the right heart intention, we’ll be rewarded for it throughout our lives. So take pause, work to frame up the right mindset that will benefit you and the people in your lives that you surround yourself with.

Listen to your heart. It will thank you – and continue to guide you respectfully down your life path towards more impact and greater good.

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Thoughts Create Your Mood



Believe it or not we are wired to be optimists. Chances are, if you are a pessimist, something in your upbringing or life experiences influenced you to believe that way. Your thoughts create your mood. We are not our thoughts, but they do influence our worldview and emotions whether we realize it or not. Seeing the glass half full doesn’t just feel better, your body and mind will reap the benefits as well.

A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones

Proverbs 17:22

Today we discuss the importance and perspective around how our thoughts and mood affect our well-being.

This chapter and verse of the Bible is yet another telling message about the brain, body connection. What a powerful one too. It’s simply a stating that our brain and body respond to our mind.

Our body responds to our thoughts. Are our minds giving us a message of hope and happiness or fear and despair? Being more cheerful is good for us. Being downcast and sad can bring feelings of negativity and distress as well as disease.

Negative thoughts create disease in our bodies

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“Dis-ease.” When you read the word disease, the dis-ease we feel can create a lot of negative emotions in us. These negative emotions impact our cellular makeup, the tissue within our body, our organs, etc.

This verse from Proverbs 17:22 is literally telling us it’s important to remember that our thoughts create our mood. When we experience a fear based emotion, that feeling is going to negatively shape and impact us. Our thinking will become distorted and we will lose that sense of joy and the present moment. This causes our bodies to become vulnerable to disease and other illnesses.

Thinking in negative toxic manners involves stress. And that stress has been shown to reduce the size of certain structures in the brain. If however, your thinking is much more in a positive light, your mental and physical health will improve. A cheerful heart really is like good medicine allowing you to pursue your dreams because your brain and body respond to that feeling and emotion.

After all, we are created in the image of love, higher consciousness, and universal Christ consciousness. Remember this the next time you face some adversity. It’s very natural to want to get into a thought pattern of, my goodness – How am I going to handle this? As the anxiety increases, so do the stress hormones in our bodies.

Become the watcher of your thoughts

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Take it for what it’s worth. Observe your thoughts. Become the watcher of your thoughts. See each life situation you face as what it’s going to teach you think about life. This helps us to first observe, then respond, and finely to find the positivity in the life event. This is how we continue to rewire our perspectives for the better in our lives.

The Bible is trying to tell us our thoughts create our realities. This life lesson is in other teachings that we’re going to get into another time. But for today, and everyday, be aware that your thoughts create your mood. Be aware that your mood is what creates either positive life balance or negative life balance, for more health and vitality or more negativity and “dis-ease.”

Which side of the coin do you want to live on? Choose yourself more positive each day. You are at the helm. Consciously choose your thoughts and the ones you listen to each day wisely.

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Being cheerful, smiling, having a positive attitude is actually good for your health. It is good for the physical body and the soul. Not to mention the mental aspects of life as well. So today we’re going to be talking about the importance of putting on your smile daily.

A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance.

Proverbs 15:13

What exactly does this verse from Proverbs mean? Well, very simply put it means to smile more often and fill our hearts with positive emotion.

We’ve probably all heard that smiling can literally reframe our thoughts and mood. Not only is it good for you and your mindset, but also for those that you associate with.

How aware are you that the simple act of smiling can literally stop a negative thought? It is a fact and research shows that smiling more often can rewire the circuits in the brain that helps keep a positive attitude towards life. This means that our higher level consciousness has designed us in such a way that when you smile with your eyes and mouth in a real deep, meaningful, purposeful, way – we reap the benefit.

That part of your brain involved in decision-making and intellectual thoughts actually activates in a positive way when you smile more. Your thought patterns become stronger, more effective, simply smiling a lot more makes you happier and even more likely to enjoy living. So much goodness and aid towards our mental wellness; especially when we may need it more than ever.

It’s just how we’re wired. We’re not wired to be negative, sad, depressed individuals. We make ourselves that way, or we allow the external environments to affect us. However, we can break through these negative external factors. We just have to become more mindful of that physical aspect of smiling and attitude in relation to how much it can positively impact our lives.

Smile within your Inner Circle of Influence

Smile and enjoy life
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Another perspective about this is to simply think about the people that you invite into your inner circle. Pay attention, to who you are spending the most amount of your time with. Smiling is contagious. In fact, it works in reverse as well. Anybody that is more of a negative factor in your life can also be infectious and contagious that way too.

It’s almost impossible to not respond to a real, genuine, loving smile that someone gives you. Actually try this in life today. If someone were to smile at you, try and resist to smile back. It’s actually not something that’s very natural. You can resist it, but there’s going to be some awkwardness most likely because we are wired naturally for love and less from place of darkness. Make smiling more often a part of your personal value system of functionality.

We can naturally bring more positivity and more uplifting energy to the world and people around us. It is far better that we lift others up over tearing them down. It is a way of reflecting and sharing the higher consciousness love that we have within us. This can help make life better for everyone in our lives, including ourselves.

So simply put, make an effort today and every day to smile more often, even in difficult times. Putting a smile on your face actually does rewire the signals from the brain to the body and places you in a better mental space, no matter the external circumstances life throws our way.

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The Power of Choice

I call heaven and earth to witness against you today that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Choose life, so that you and your descendants may live.

Deuteronomy 30:19

The choices we make impact our health, mental wellness, and physical lives. Those choices also impact our loved ones within our circles of life. However we rarely pause to realize the power of choice. Choose life so that you and your descendants may live. This is a tremendously powerful verse in the Bible. It teaches us about the power of choice, and that the choices we make impact our lives in many different facets.

Today we look at the Power of Choice and how it impacts our lives through every decision we make.

From our health, our mental wellness, to the physicality through which best aim to live our lives. There’s all kinds of aspects in our lives that impact generational boundaries based off the choices that each of us make on a day-to-day basis. I love talking about the power of choice. It’s one of my favorite topics to discuss. It’s so compelling and enlightening to understand that we really do have the basis to form our realities through the daily choices we make. For better or for worse.

From simple, seemingly effortless choices to more grandiose ones. What we do with all these choices lead us down different paths of opportunity to possible victories, as well as possible failures and learnings. If we take a step back, we can begin to see the impact that we have on our lives, through this present moment awareness of choice.

Epigenetics and its Impact from Choice

How the power of choice affects our environments
The Impact of Epigenetics in our Life

We have the ability to rewire and reprogram the thinking by choosing to think that we can influence our own lives through choice. The recent science, study, and breakthroughs in Epigenetics is proving this to us. The choices that we make throughout our daily lives really do change us. Not only us, but future generations as well. There is vast life impact through these teachings and studies.

This verse from Deuteronomy challenges, us to look at whether the choices we are making in our lives are bringing us good, or bringing us bad. That is the life bearing aspect or the death bearing aspect. Are we choosing to live a better, more empowering life or are we hurting ourselves through continual lower vibrational choices?

The verse highlights our personal responsibility as humans. To live a life that best fulfills our free will opportunities. We have the ability to think and choose ourselves into a more positive outcome, or we can become more detrimental to ourselves through the power of choice. With this perspective from Deuteronomy, we have the ability to become, in a sense, far more self aware of the choices that are leading us to a higher level of light and good. It is the basis for the Law of Attraction.

We can also choose positions of outcome that lead to more darkness and possibly more negative outcomes. This will continue to attract more negativity into one’s life. However, because we have the power of choice, there is always hope we can choose to change for good. Whether it be for the better or for the worse, we are accountable for every action that we take.

It’s the Power of Choice that leads us into our futures, through every present life moment…

Choose yourself wisely!

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Believe in Victory

We like the thought of winning, but do we really believe that we will prevail over life’s challenges? How do we believe that we can make things change? It starts in our minds as well as in our belief systems and thought processes. It’s easy to think that thoughts are nothing more than just “things.” Many don’t understand that our thoughts impact our mental wellness, state of health, and the quality of our overall lives. It’s time to believe that while we are not our thoughts, our thoughts do define our lives.

We take every thought prisoner and make it obey the message.

Corinthians 10:5

What is a thought? It’s just a little bit of something, right? Where does it come from? Thoughts are actually energy. Science has proved this real. They come from our own minds, our own consciousness that then programs us through those thoughts. It is the universal principle of Mentalism. Thoughts are absolutely real things. When we think on something, dwell on it, ponder on it, we are helping mold the structure of futures.

Our thoughts then become physical, changing the environment of how we live and what decisions we make. Those thoughts turn into actions. When we choose to allow a thought to fester inside of our heads, feeding it with more and more attention over time, it will affect the cells and our brain and body. This impacts our overall future thoughts, actions, and decisions.

This is why it is super important that we monitor and become observant of the thoughts in our heads. Every thought that we make can either set us free into more victories or shackle us as a prisoner in more failures. This is what it takes to live a more wholesome, empowering life that is full of happiness, success, and a lot less fear.

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Our Belief Systems Shape our Worldview

Where our minds go, our brains follow. A different way of saying it is, “where our attention goes, energy flows.” Our belief systems shape our worldview. It comes down to understanding that perspective and deciding if we need to reframe our viewpoints in order to better ourselves and our mental health.

Of what’s more, don’t let yourself be squeezed into the shape dictated by the present age instead be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can work out what God’s will is what is good, acceptable, and complete

Romans 12:2

This verse from the Bible is so powerful in the reframing of our minds as well as our own spiritual perspectives.

Many spiritual doctrines, such as the Buddhist teachings, the teachings of the Hindu faith, as well as many others have been trying to tell us for eons of time that we become what we think. While we are not our thoughts, our thoughts definitely do define our lives and our belief systems. Which then shapes every single day, very literally into our lives.

So what we have built into our minds through our own experiences and choices, shape the unique worldview. This in turn impacts our thoughts, words, and actions. It is through this filter that we analyze and dissect what life is throwing at us. We use our senses through our mental construct that to decide how we view life – for better or worse.

Once we choose to identify with our higher selves, that higher plane of consciousness, we are able to compare our world. Meaning that what we are experiencing here does not need to be how we define ourselves when we continue to elevate life consciously to higher perspectives up the human consciousness scale.

The Human Scale of Consciousness

our belief systems shape our worldview in consciousness
Dr. David Hawkins Human Scale of Consciousness

When we can get out of pride and move up into love self-love, we can then reach higher levels of enlightenment. This new, beautiful perspective on life not only adds to better experiences, but also will help you to see those experiences in a whole new light. That is what we want in terms of our response to view the world in a different way; in a truly humanistic way.

This process also aligns with higher levels of thought and consciousness so that we can act and become more like the loving Christ consciousness we are all apart of. It really is universal “love energy.” Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in doctrine or dogma. It is a pure loving consciousness. Whether we call it Jesus, God, Christ consciousness, the Divine, our Higher Selves Source, etc.

Our belief systems shape our worldview. Does your belief system need a closer look? It is negative or one of positivity? Do you believe in human kind or do you think we are all doomed?

Your thoughts and beliefs are completely yours…but please do take time to reflect on the views that are serving you and those that are not.

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Paying Attention to your Societal Environment

Neuro-plasticity is a real thing. Our brains morph and change according to our beliefs and the environment that we live through. What we permit our brains to think, the thoughts and the choices that we make with our minds, without a doubt will change the neuro-plasticity and structure of our brains – for better or for worse. Beginning our life of improvement starts with paying attention to where our attention goes, and where we give our focus and time each day.

What’s more, don’t let yourself be squeezed into the shape dictated by the present age instead be transformed by the renewing of your minds so that you can work out what God’s will is what is good, acceptable, and complete.

Romans  12:2

It can be very difficult and not recommended to just put our heads in the sand. The environment that we live in is constantly changing. It is dynamic. And every day there are voices coming to us through our thoughts of what others tell us that we should do, say, believe, what clothes to wear, even how to act.

These thoughts and voices in our head tell us what life should be like and what we should be doing with how we spend our time. It’s often easy to give in and listen to these voices, allowing them to dictate and take over our lives. We begin to morph into the belief system and become shaped by whichever voice is most popular inside of our head, demanding the majority of our time.

However, we have the unique ability to take back control over those voices, the power to not allow them to define us. We have the ability to say, this is not who I am. This is not what I want in my life. By taking the posture of stepping back and becoming observant of our thoughts and being aware of where they come from allows us to reframe our perspectives. Paying attention to this chatter helps us better frame and prioritize our time and mental focus.

Paying attention helps with Neuro-Plasticity

We can make changes to the structure of our brains. It is the process of what neuro-plasticity is. We are not wired the way we were from birth. Our minds are forever being molded and changed by what we allow our thoughts to become. So, Romans 12:2 of the Bible, in my opinion and determination, means allowing the universe, the Divine, our Higher Selves Source, whatever higher level of power you may believe – to bring that connectedness into our present moment awareness. When we say “yes” to this connection, when we say “yes” to this higher source of power, we are brought into the present moment awareness. We then have the power to determine what the direction of our lives will become.

So on this very first, Monday of 2022, as we are sitting through and thinking about what resolutions that we should make for life, take a moment of pause and really reflect on where you’re at. What do you need to drop that is not serving you? What should you embark upon to allow your life and your mind to be molded through the way that you deem best along with that connection to your source and your higher level of consciousness?

Now is the time to cement that affirmation inside of your head, as we embark upon a new year. In this new year, allow yourself to have much more success, happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. Paying attention to that connectedness of our Higher Selves brings you into a present state of awareness. Never allow the vision or the voice of society of the present age to dictate how you should live.

It’s time to live life on your terms. Let’s begin accordingly here in 2022.

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