|C.K. Collins| The Swipe Right Effect

Have you ever found yourself saying these things?

Something is missing….

There must be more to life….

I have so much more to offer….

I love my life but…

Today’s special guest, Author, and Coach C.K. (Kelly) Collins has felt that way too! And she wants to share with you what she learned and the processes she built to take the next step. Once women have raised their families and hit an apex in their career, they frequently begin to seek for more meaning in life. Kelly believes we are meant to do this and that everything we experienced in life thus far leads us to this incredible moment of wonder.

When she was feeling that way, she wrote a book about her five-year journey back to empowerment, joy, happiness and love after a traumatic divorce from her 31-year marriage. She is continually sharing her ongoing journey to wholeness through storytelling and share the lessons she learned from her friends all over the world.

In gratitude and recognition of the gifts of love she received and believing that travel feeds the soul and grows the heart and mind, She made a decision to completely change her life. She sold her house. She gave away everything. And then she embarked on a two-year travel sabbatical which so far has included trips to Utah, Grand Canyon in Arizona, Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Portugal, Spain, Italy and a 30-day sailing rally from Los Angeles to La Paz, Mexico. 

Her inner healing was a grassroots effort, surrounded by supportive friends and family, who held her hand, shared her pain and hugged her through a lot of tough moments. These friends helped her build a skillset for her new life.. 

She continued her own journey by developing a toolkit to help others walk through the process of their “what’s next” and develop a fulfilling life.. There are many ways we can connect and C.K. (Kelly) Collins is here for you and hopes to help.

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|C.K. Collins| The Swipe Right Effect

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