Believe in Victory

We like the thought of winning, but do we really believe that we will prevail over life’s challenges? How do we believe that we can make things change? It starts in our minds as well as in our belief systems and thought processes. It’s easy to think that thoughts are nothing more than just “things.” Many don’t understand that our thoughts impact our mental wellness, state of health, and the quality of our overall lives. It’s time to believe that while we are not our thoughts, our thoughts do define our lives.

We take every thought prisoner and make it obey the message.

Corinthians 10:5

What is a thought? It’s just a little bit of something, right? Where does it come from? Thoughts are actually energy. Science has proved this real. They come from our own minds, our own consciousness that then programs us through those thoughts. It is the universal principle of Mentalism. Thoughts are absolutely real things. When we think on something, dwell on it, ponder on it, we are helping mold the structure of futures.

Our thoughts then become physical, changing the environment of how we live and what decisions we make. Those thoughts turn into actions. When we choose to allow a thought to fester inside of our heads, feeding it with more and more attention over time, it will affect the cells and our brain and body. This impacts our overall future thoughts, actions, and decisions.

This is why it is super important that we monitor and become observant of the thoughts in our heads. Every thought that we make can either set us free into more victories or shackle us as a prisoner in more failures. This is what it takes to live a more wholesome, empowering life that is full of happiness, success, and a lot less fear.

Believe in Victory

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