Becoming Galatic Beings

Humanity is poised to make a great evolutionary leap in how we live. What is this leap that we are preparing to make? What is possible for us as humans when we fully activate our potential; when we harness more of our brain and consciously expand our perceptions?

More of the world is waking up and realizing our connection to the nonphysical and how we can overlay that here into the physical and become the best versions of ourselves possible as we ascend and integrate the light body or what Kabbalists call the Adam Cadman or “the god-like human.”

As we become more aware of our multi-dimensionality; mastering how we process the stimuli and information with all the things that we bring into our lives – all of this is leading us towards our next evolutionary leap as humankind. It’s happening at both the levels of consciousness as well as through our technologies that we have in the world.

This is where science and metaphysics truly come together. They’re both pointing towards the same things. Something that has been foretold through many of our science fiction films and different stories, as well as our spiritual philosophies from around the world. It’s all pointing us towards the next step of how we are meant to become galactic humans.

What does that mean and what might it really look like? Well, in many ways it’s already begun and we have shifted our perspectives from beyond just life on planet earth. We are beginning to expand our minds to what is possible beyond our limited ideas of who we are as humans. This helps us truly become fully awakened galactic humans and requires that we move beyond just an earth as a centric point of view.

For the most part, the average person does not have a much awareness of the galaxy, let alone their bigger picture of reality. Typically, we don’t identify as being galactic citizens or live from that perspective of multi-dimensionality. Humans can very much tend to be egocentric and therefore we are also human centric and earth centric.

But it’s highly probable that humans of earth are just one civilization within a diverse and abundant universe full of conscious and aware beings. And it’s very possible that several of those alien civilizations have technology and spiritual awareness that go far beyond what we know here on earth. Could a world of United Star Systems and planetary communities like we see in things like the movie and popular T.V. show Star Trek, be a real possibility?

If so, these beings are likely waiting for us to evolve, to move beyond our primitive perspective of separation and limitation before the human race can become fully activated and thus better members of a greater galactic community. How likely is this? While traditional science hasn’t yet acknowledged life beyond earth, the statistics are overwhelmingly suggesting that humans are not alone in this universe. Current estimates say that our sun is just one of about a hundred billion stars in just the Milky Way galaxy alone. About 7% – 10% of those have stars that are similar to our sun at least have one planet orbiting them.

Of those, the number that are potentially habitable range anywhere from 1.9 billion up to 40 billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone. Understand there are about two trillion known galaxies that exist in the universe. Of those two trillion, if just 1% of those galaxies are anything like that of the Milky Way, that means there could be 20 billion galaxies that each host billions of earth-like planets. This brings the amount of potential earth-like planets in our universe to staggering numbers and the odds that there are life beyond earth become extremely favorable. What is the likelihood that life on other planets is as advanced or even more advanced than humans here on earth?

Our Earth is dated to be 4.6 billion years old, and about 75% of what is called the Goldilocks planets, are on average 1 to 2 billion years older than our earth planet here; some are even up to 6 billion years older. So these planets have had significantly more time for the evolution of life and consciousness.

Humans of Earth are quite primitive actually on this scale of advancement, but it gives us a look at where we might be heading in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. Scientists devised a classification system based on the expected energy consumption of advanced civilizations, physicists, and futurists.

Michio Kaku explores his classification system in his book, “Parallel Worlds.” In his book, he describes four types of civilizations. A type 1 civilization is able to harness a hundred percent of the solar energy striking their planet. This ability to harness planetary energy is considered as mastery over the planetary system, and it would include the ability to control the weather, change the course of hurricanes, and build cities on and under the oceans.

As we move beyond that, a type 2 and type 3 civilization, go into harnessing the energy of an entire star or solar system. Eventually type 3 is harnessing a portion of the galaxy and multiple stars within the galaxy itself. Then there is the highest classification, a type 4 civilization.

The human civilization here on Earth doesn’t even yet qualify quite as a type one society, at least to that of our own knowledge. That is, according to this type of criteria, we’re more like a 0.7 on a scale of a type 1 society.

But we are progressing towards the leap into a type 1 society within this century, I do believe, towards greater mastery over our own reality. We see this progression through current emerging technologies and the trends of a global economy, and we see this through movement in things like greater connection and transitions towards more global communities.

The internet of things, as it’s been called, is a good example of an emerging technology that is bringing us closer to a type 1 status with the ability to create a planetary communication system. Other indicators of this shift would include less focus on borders between international countries and the trade and travel of global economies that will then tend more towards connection and integrated systems.

We’re also seeing this more on a united level in efforts to address things like pollution on a global scale, not just from a local community aspect. But for us to overcome the challenges that are currently facing humanity, we must overcome the forces of what we call man-made entropy, which are things like greenhouse gases and the effect of them on the planet, the inputs of pollution into our planet, and nuclear proliferation, radicalism, and disease.

All of these things have contributed on a physical and conscious level to humankind. Michio Kaku describes this transition from our current position to a type one society as perilous. He calls our current generation one of the most important generations to walk the earth. The question now that we face as a collective is can we come together and heal our collective consciousness and our global communities to create a planetary civilization and take our leap to becoming galactic citizens.

Can we create a world of peace and respect? This is part of our current progression. As we master ourselves and step closer towards living as galactic humans, the potential is there. It is up to us to choose this shift.

The shift however, will not succeed if it is purely based on the advancements of just science and technology. In order for us to succeed without destroying ourselves, we must make a consciousness shift, a spiritual evolution to access greater wisdom and awareness of our connectedness. This paradigm shift requires both a technological and spiritual evolution.

We must widen our view of the fundamental nature of life. To embrace the quantum worldview and the spiritual awareness and to harness the principles of complementarity, entanglement, and to understand that we are all one.

We are all connected and entangled, plain and simple. We have to learn this individual from a soul standpoint with an individual mission, but tied to a higher calling and a higher collective at the overall human consciousness level as well.

That is my purpose, my mission here at Ungraduated Living; helping us continue to evolve our spiritual advancement towards becoming our highest selves. There are a lot of people in this world that don’t want this. They want us kept small, in fear, divided; thus slowing our collective push towards truly becoming a galactic member within the cosmos.

But I don’t think there’s a way to stop this awakening. Humankind is craving advancement. We are desperate for truth and transparency. You see it all over the place. People dropping out of these old, outdated beliefs and no longer being affected by the fear, the chaos, the divisiveness. It’s up to us to no longer accept these things that we have allowed to influence negatively over a long period of time.

Make the brainwashing stop. Wake up to the truth. We need not continue to look externally towards our so called “leaders.” The answers lie within us…but we must do the work. The future of humanity depends on it.

What are your thoughts? How do you feel? Do you believe we are on the right track, or heading further into the dark abyss? Would love to hear your thoughts and comments so don’t be shy!

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Becoming Galatic Beings

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