Become Still and Take Notice of Life

Because our minds are so powerful, we need to make the time for pause and stillness. Otherwise, the mental chatter (good or bad) can take over and lead us into a life of misguided fortune or failure. When we can become still, we learn how it helps us be clear of mind so that we are always creating the life we wish to live; free of fear, despair, and other negative emotions.

Be still, and know that I am God! I am exalted among the nations, I am exalted in the earth.

Psalm 46:10

Today, we continue talking about the power of being still and finding stillness in our ever present busy lives. But notice that key word, “present.” When we are busy in our minds; chances are we are not in the present moment. If we are constantly in busy mode, our mental and physical health along with overall wellbeing suffers.

There is something that is very powerful about the above mentioned verse from the Bible that we can all learn a lot from. When it comes to life, we can all still strive and be driven to get things done, but finding that time to become still will aid us in our goals and aspirations.

The power of saying “no”

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It is not about being lackadaisical or complacent, but there will be times in our lives that we are called to hustle and put in that front end effort. However, there are also times in our lives that we will have to learn to say “no.” Those two letters “n” and “o,” are some powerful letters that form some great perspective.

It is something to think about and often needs to be put into more use in some of our lives. Sometimes “saying no,” is not a bad thing. We need not feel pressured into doing everything for everyone. Through not letting our circumstances consume us, we will avoid “burn out.”

Our most greatest asset, our higher level of consciousness, the Universe, God; is greater than whatever we are facing in our lives. “No,” we will not allow life to get the better of us. We will not let life just simply pass us by. Whenever you look at the word “no,” it can become a very empowering freeing aspect of our overall consciousness. “No,” we will not allow whatever we are going through in our lives to make us sick, depressed, or unhappy.

Notice I’m saying “no” to the things that can be detrimental to us in life, but “no” can also be used to find a different place in time for what matters to you most right now. That is the key aspect here. We can’t always say “yes” to everything. We have to keep our own priorities in mind for the betterment of ourselves.

Become still & make gratitude a part of daily habits

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Rest partnered with gratitude and the realization that our loving consciousness and higher selves are on our side can help us maintain peace of mind during challenging, stressful, anxious times. It can help us choose the best outcomes facing us in life. Even when it seems we are surrounded by pain, suffering, and death, it can give us the strength to carry on and to keep fighting the good fight.

When we maintain our physical and mental well-being, we live a more prosperous, happy, fulfilling life. Being still is a time of restoration and renewal. Becoming still can give us the energy to face the next day, the next moment, the next week, or the next month through our absolute best self possible. This is the power of finding the present moment. You are able to tap into your superhuman self through your connection with Source and Spirit.

Mike time in day to turn off the mental chatter and become still. Yes, at times it is often a challenge to have the thoughts stop, but the more you bring yourself into the present moment and become aware of it, the chatter will slow down for five seconds, then 10 seconds, then 30 seconds. You don’t always realize the power of that stillness in your mind, until you experience it.

Do whatever it takes to make this a habit. Set your timer on your phone. If you need more there are apps for this as well. There’s all kinds of good ways we can use the technology to help us. If all else fails, your body will tell you. You’ll feel worn down, mentally drained, or may even get sick.

These are all cues to tell you to become still, pause, reflect, and collect yourself so that you can charge forward on your day, on your goals, on your dreams and what matters most in you life.

Put this practice of becoming still into your life more often and watch how your life improves – one day at a time!

Become Still and Take Notice of Life

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