Be Your Authentic Self

Let us not be influenced through the whims of society. When we discover our truest authentic self, we get to write our own story over having it dictated to us from others. We all have something special and unique to give to the world. Today we take a look at what it really means to become your authentic self.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well.

Psalm 139:14

This verse speaks to the differentiating perspectives, characteristics, and personality types that we all have. We all are very unique individuals yet as a collective, we are not so different.

We think, see, and feel differently about things many aspects of life . All of us have our own opinions, and that is a part of the wonderfully made aspect of this verse from the Bible. In this life, we all have unique ways to think, feel, and make choices we deem appropriate for our lives.

God, The sacred, our Higher Self; whatever you call it, is out there and we are connected with that Source. If we are not feeling that we are living as our authentic selves, we have the ability to change. We do not need to listen to what the world thinks or wants to label us. As individuals, we can become someone that is absolutely truly authentic, instead of someone who we barely recognize. It is when we really discover who we are at our core, that we can become closer to that higher level consciousness; closer to our authentic selves.

Purpose Drives your Authentic Self

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This is how we draw closer to what our purposes on this planet are and why we came to fulfill them. This perspective also helps us realize and discover that we as unique individuals, we are enough the way that we are. or however we define ourselves authentically is enough. Each human being on this amazing planet is a connected part of the wonderment of this universe. All of us literally come from stardust. It has been and always will be a piece of us for as long as this physical universe exists.

So become more of your authentic self today and every day. Do not be afraid to put out intention to the universe with authenticity, integrity, love, and passion what you want and expect from life. Your higher self will thrive off that authenticity. You’ll feel better each day by thinking and reframing your thought process more into your authentic self.

Life comes at us all a little bit differently, and that uniqueness is a good thing. Having the conversations around how we see topics and view the world aids our ability to find new perspectives and better ways to do things. This is an exceptional and beautiful gift.

Decide today to not allow the world to look or view you in any one way that you don’t align with. And quite frankly, even if they do view you in some way that you don’t align with, let it roll off your back. Because quite frankly, it doesn’t matter how they want to label you. You get to choose through your own authentic self, who you are and what you stand for. And that my friends will lead to a much healthier, less worrisome, less anxious lifestyle for us all.

Be Your Authentic Self

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