Be with Peace

One of the best things about being human is our ability “to choose.” The power of choice really is an amazing thing when you think about it. Even when life deals us a bad hand or throws us many curveballs, it is how we respond that matters. We can either be with peace or suffer through continued heartache.

Today we look at the perspective of “being with peace” and how that mindset keeps us grounded and balanced; no matter what life throws at us.

Let the king’s peace be the deciding factor in your hearts; that’s what you were called to, within the one body. And be thankful.

Colossians 3:15

When we are able to stand outside of ourselves and observe our thoughts, we are able to then connect and more clearly understand that higher loving consciousness that is “Christ consciousness.” This helps us grow and become the best person possible and to have peace inside of us no matter what the world throws our way. In a sense, we get to make our own lane to drive through in life.

When life challenges at us, we can learn to respond without a quick knee-jerk reaction. We can slow down, allow ourselves to improve with our thoughts, and thus our intellect creates a healthier and peaceful mental state. This results in a still mind, with less anxiety, less cause for depression, despair, and other negative thoughts.

This leads to more what’s called soul harmony. We can then share that harmony with others from a point of perspective, so that as we live with peace, we live by example. Then our loved ones around us perhaps become better responding to the challenges that life puts in front of them as well. It’s one of the greatest things about being human. Whether we realize it or not, we always have the ability to choose our response to life.

Despite the 10%, be with peace

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I often talk about the 80% rule. This pertains to the fact that in our lives we are in our control of most of what happens to us. Our present moment choices create our living realities. It’s what creates our futures. Then there is that 10% of chance, bad fortune, or even good luck that happens outside of our control or influence. We choose how we respond to the things that are out of our control. When it comes to the other 10%, it’s how we choose to respond that matters.

Begin to implant in your mind the feeling of deep peace. No matter what comes your way in life, by framing up your mindset properly, you’ll be better equipped for contentment and peace of mind.

This helps us to respond more positively to the opinions, choices of others, disagreements, and the things that trigger us in life. These differences of opinions that we have in life do not need to divide us. We can respect other people’s positions, whether we agree or not. Regardless of what other people believe do or say, we can always choose to respond with peace, understanding, and love. When we plant that perspective inside of our minds, we are going to be peaceful and content.

Reacting slowly and thinking first of the peace inside of your heart not only improves your own personal wellbeing, but also will improve the relationships with the people around you. Their health, mental wellness, and physical wellness improves along with your ability to be with peace.

Do not allow yourself to ride the pendulum of fluctuating change. Observe the pendulum. Step back. Watch your thoughts and learn to observe first, then stay with peace. You’ll be so better off today and every day with that mentality.

Be with Peace

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