Be a good Steward

The way we treat the world around us reflects the worldview that we have built into our own belief system. Are you someone that looks at everything around you as the pure amazingness than it actually is? Do you want to care for it in the best way that you possibly can? Then be a good steward in your life and for all things you interact with. You’ll find great reward and benefit in uploading this mindset as your underlying programming and worldview.

Perhaps you look at the world as a dark and gloomy place that doesn’t have much light or goodness. If that’s the case, you probably don’t have a whole lot of care for the life that’s on the earth of any variety. Be it plant life, animals, or humankind.

Whatever your worldview is, it absolutely shapes and reflects how you treat those around you as well as the world that we live within.

The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it.

Genesis 2:15

God took man and put him into the garden of Eden to fill it and keep it. If what we say and do is a reflection of what we have built into our minds, then how we keep creation reflects on how we view both our role as human beings within the world and that of with our Source.

It is an important perspective to understand what kind of stewardship you are showing to those around you. Our Source created us to be stewards of this world to tend to and care for the garden, so to speak, and to use our free will choice to benefit the whole. Do you want to make it a beautiful place, filled with life, enjoyment, and love?

Showing good stewardship and care for the connected earth

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If, and when we misuse this gift, then we begin to “consume creation” rather than care for it. We abuse it versus nourish it. We bring death and destruction upon the world in an unnecessary pattern that unfortunately can reciprocate itself over and over through eons of time. Our minds are so powerful. We can bring heaven or hell to our existence on this planet. Work to change your mindset from a consumption based one to one of mindful awareness.

If we are to be a good steward, we have to take the responsibility that comes with a powerful creative mind. The time has long come to seriously ask ourselves on a day to day basis – Am I reflecting God’s glory into this world? Or am I looking at it from a much lower level consciousness place of being insignificant and withholding care and love for the world? Our thoughts, words, and actions will last well into the future.

Our decisions affect generations and our children. The loved ones and those who follow us and look to us for guidance are counting on us. So, what are we going to do with this powerful thought creation and actions? Are we going to be good stewards caring for our planet and all creation within it? Or are we going to allow it to be wasted aside and continue to keep ourselves staved off without making progress for generations to come?

I hope if you’re like me, you choose to respect this world. So much so that you begin to look at every little action you take as upholding it. Imagine what would happen if nearly 8 billion people on this planet began to see the earth in a beautiful, loving way? No more litter would occur. People would think twice before doing anything harmful to this planet or the life within.

Choose goodness and be a good steward each day

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When it comes to your choice every day, where are you going to live? Are you going to look after the garden of Eden? Keep it well tilled and well loved for? Or are you going to carelessly disregard it and shrug it aside as if it’s nothing special? All life in this planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe is quite simply very precious.

And our Source, that we are apart of, has created it. We should care and be loving to all things on a day to day basis. It will not only make you happier and more healthy of mind. The people around you will pick up on that too. One by one, this earth, this human consciousness; will rise one person at a time.

So today, and everyday, choose to be a good steward in all aspects of your life. You, the people you love, and the entirety of human consciousness needs you…

Will you answer the call?

Be a good Steward

2 thoughts on “Be a good Steward

  1. Wise words. I like how you said our worldview shapes how we ill treat the world. Going along with worldview, I think our identity-view (how we fundamentally see our “self”) massively shapes how we treat the world. If I view myself in a wholly individualistic manner, then the outside world can easily become something alien; something to fear; something to attempt to control and dominate. However, if I see myself as something in relationship and connection with the world, this to me would position me to embody the spirit of “do unto others as you would have done to you.”

    1. I absolutely agree and love that you made time to drop by and share that perspective Dylan. I liken it to oil and water – whatever you are you stay and flow with; mix the two and they become “unaligned.” Our worldviews work the same way. If we see people as naturally good, then we welcome them and see how we can mutually benefit each other. If we see people and mostly bad, we become standoffish and naturally distrusting. We have to be careful to not be taken advantage of, but I tend to believe we can “feel” when this is happening and exit the relationship if need be. I’m glad you enjoyed this post and thank you for stopping by to give a thoughtful comment. Please don’t be a stranger – this is how we learn, grow, and become our best selves possible; through talking with each other and sharing perspectives.

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