All We Need is Love!

It’s not just a great Beatles song, but far more than that. To live a far better life, all we need is love. But it comes down to understanding this often overlooked aspect of our lives. What does it mean to really need love in life? That is the focus of todays message. It comes down to the understanding that love is the underlying program that our universe operates under.

Indeed, he is actually not far from each one of us, for in him we live and move and exist; as also some of your won poets have put it; For we are his offspring.

Acts 17:27-28

Personally, I don’t think God is a human in the sky or a human in a different place, different astral plane, a different universe, or however you choose to define it. I think we are energy consciousness and that energy consciousness is trying to connect back to God. And quite frankly, it has a lot of power whenever harnessed inside of the human body.

Love is everywhere if we choose to see it

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Love consciousness, upholds the universe. It’s a part of all things. God’s mind the universe, whatever you want to call it. The Supreme consciousness is a source of all existence. This universal, higher loving conscious, is a part of the whole world. We are a part of this physical existence and we are wired for that love and held together through that love.

So the Beatles had it right when they wrote the song “all you need is love.” There’s so many answers to be solved with that simple perspective. However, it does take a lot of mental reconditioning to look at all beings in life and give them love. It must begin within you. We have to realize and learn to give ourselves love before we can give anything else in life love.

It’s one thing when someone is physically trying to harm you, or if they are trying to take from you what is not theirs. I believe in universal law; that no one person has the right to cause harm or take from another what is not rightfully theirs. This can be through natural freedom of rights or other aspects of living.

We have to learn to consciously step back and ask ourselves, where have we been done wrong? Even if someone rubs us the wrong way, and is rather rude or abrupt; we don’t need to take that personally or retaliate in anyway. That is our ego telling us to retaliate.

Keeping the ego in check

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There is work to be done with our ego. Its natural reaction is to defend our position and keep us within our comfort zones. Even when the temptation exists to snap back and retaliate, we need to be conscious in the present moment and decide if a response is needed or not. Are we being physically harmed? Are we in any physical danger? If we can answer those questions in the negative, then we are able to look at whomever is offending us and still show them love, care, and compassion.

Stand within your values. We can still love the person that is showing us ill intent. The sad truth is they may not know well enough because they are not operating on a higher level of consciousness. I’m not saying that you have to hug that person and give him a kiss, but you can walk away, send them love, and wish them to open their heart and find love. Karmically, they will get what they put out anyway – it is not for you to take into your hands.

I know this is difficult to do in stressful high anxiety moments, but upon reflecting, we need not hold a grudge and can still always take the higher road filled with love and compassion.

We are all connected and made for love

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We’re made up of tiny particles, atoms, neutrons, electrons, particles that all come from the universe. We are not separate from these things.

There is a world of potentiality that exists inside of us through our own observing and power of choice. Those particles react within us, energetically, physically consciously. Essentially the whole of the reality that we live within is a construct of the mind of the observer.

Since God is always observing and always ever present, that higher loving consciousness of God is the ultimate reality. Through it, all things have its existence. All things have their reason for being. So if that higher loving consciousness is love, then love underpins the universe. It’s a part of the physicality and non physicality of the energy and particles.

Love is a reason that we live and choose to exist. When we act according to this love and overall higher design of the universe, we experience that consciousness of God in a more personal and wonderful way and get to know that creator, that connection within us, and help us better be able to have intuition, reflection and guidance in our lives.

Acting in accord with love and Natural Law

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When we act according to that natural law, that love that we are wired for then helps us live a happier lifestyle. There are many teachings of this from the Hermetic Principles. It sounds so easy to just say, all we need is love, but it really is the truth. You have to look within first, find answers to any underpinning, underlying issues of self doubt and physical dislike. Open up your heart to allow yourself to begin to show your inner soul and body the love it is craving. Our hearts will begin to guide us

No matter who you are, what age you’re at, the physicality of health you have, you are wired for love. It begins with looking at yourself and absolutely adoring “You.” The fact that you have a physical existence and are in this world to live out a purpose; deserves love.

Wipe yourself clean from those falsities and thoughts in your mind if you don’t see yourself as pure love. Begin to love yourself so that you can then love others. That is the key that opens up so many more doors of great potentiality and outcomes within our lives.

All We Need is Love!

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