My name is Ken Hannaman. I consider myself quite the average individual. There is nothing unique or special about me other than my never-ending thirst for knowledge. However, the path I’ve walked to my present point in life is rather divergent from most. I am a high school drop out that has “made it” in life; at least by what society would deem “making it.” Dropping out of school was the only time in my life that “I quit” on something and gave up. Since that early point in my young adulthood, I have learned that we fuel and drive our vehicles in life through our own belief systems, conscious & unconscious thought, as well as the personal barriers we either build up or tear down in front of us. Coming from having very little in my beginnings and being labeled a failure, to where I presently reside in life…has been nothing short of astounding in my own eyes. To this day I still look back in awe and wouldn’t change my path for any other. I am forever thankful for the learnings and experiences that have molded me into the person I am today.

All of what we are at the core of our beings; we create from our mental thought into physical action. We either enslave ourselves in this world or we generate our highest potentials through our beliefs and perceptions; many of which are handed down to us from society and those we are closest to. We take the “programs” others give us and typically try to upload them into our own lives as we work to attain our dreams and goals. But these programs are not a “one size fits all” for individual human operating systems. We need to develop our own code, our own thinking, our own truths that lead us to higher levels of happiness, fulfillment, and a more purpose driven life.

I don’t consider myself a guru, spiritual sage, or scholar. However, in the 10+ years that I’ve been working on my inward spiritual journey, I have experienced some amazing self discoveries. These discoveries have helped me elevate my own consciousness, and apply that learning to better my life and those around me. My goal is to share learnings that inspire others to take their first step toward personal awakenings or continue their journeys and share their discoveries along with me.

My lifelong career has been in the restaurant business. I began as an hourly employee and have achieved a level presently in which I am responsible for around 800 restaurants. This blog will likely contain insights into life & leadership, as they both are largely intertwined.

My goal is to take a step back and devoid ourselves of the “programming” we have been given from very young ages, and do our own “reprogramming” of our personal truths. In a way, Ungraduate ourselves from our indoctrinations, and set out to discover new ways of thinking and self-directing of our personal and professional lives.

In a sense, my entire life has been an “ungraduated” way of living. I have not traveled the typical route that society “deemed appropriate” for me to attain happiness and fulfillment. In a way, I have personally crashed my old system of beliefs, and have successfully uploaded a new life view that has delivered far more than I could have ever dreamed of; and the journey is still just beginning…

I welcome all to join in, share their journey, learnings, and teachings alongside me as we pursue personal truth-seeking and new ways of inspiring thinking and living.

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